Ustur Security Council Assembles to Protect Faction Interests

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During the 26th iteration of the Star Atlas Brew, representatives from the Ustur faction officially announced the formation of the Ustur Security Council.

In a brief statement, Mjr_Eazy from Dark Matter stated that the Ustur Security Council’s purpose was to coordinate faction activities in SCREAM. Since success in SCREAM will be highly dependent on faction cohesion, coordination amongst guilds within factions is paramount.

Adding onto the announcement, Mjr_Eazy said that the goal of SCREAM is to expand the faction’s sphere of influence, the Ustur Security Council aims to do just that.

Ustur Security Council

In a follow up interview with The Hologram, Mjr_Eazy expanded on his comments during the Atlas Brew.

The leading Ustur-only single faction guilds came together in a spirit of friendship and fraternity to create the Ustur Security Council (USC). The role of the USC is to foster collaboration, friendship and unity between all Ustur guilds in the build up to the release of SCREAM. It will provide strategic co-ordination of the Ustur guilds to ensure the prosperity and security of all Ustur.

As depicted in the image with the guild banners on display, members of the Ustur Security Council, from left to right, include:

  • The Order of the Red Hand
  • The Dystopian
  • Heimdall Industries
  • Dark Matter
  • Vnonymus Star
  • Banana Dao
  • StarTech Industries

Mjr_Eazy concluded the announcement with an open invitation to any Ustur guilds or Ustur sections of multi-faction guilds to join the USC.

Are Oni and Mud Factions prepared for SCREAM?

The formation of the USC marks a leading step for the Ustur faction. Star Atlas host Jose noted that the USC would indirectly pressure the Mud and Oni factions to form their own coordination centers of gravity.

Jose’s comments are supported by real world international relations theories. For much of human history, global order was defined by multi-polar hegemonies. In the era leading to the first Great War of the 20th century, secret alliances attempting to balance power against one another was a contributing factor that hastened the world towards global conflict.

Leading into SCREAM, the first of these multi-polar galactic hegemonies has formed. Will Oni and Mud form counter-balances to the power of the USC? Will Star Atlas multipolarity lead to the first Great War in the metaverse?

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