Star Atlas DACs React to SCREAM, Wars and Conflict Inevitable

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Yesterday’s Star Atlas Town Hall and subsequent question and answer period revealed a host of information about the upcoming in-browser SCREAM game module. One of the key details revealed is that Factions (MUD, ONI, USTUR) will not be able to visit one another’s Faction Safe Zones. Nor will Faction members be allowed to directly trade with other factions within the SCREAM game. Since the main objective of SCREAM is territorial expansion and conquest, SCREAM wars will become inevitable. With the restrictions placed upon inter-faction peacetime activities, Star Atlas DACs will have to determine what their priorities in SCREAM are.

The lore behind SCORE and SCREAM as written by the Star Atlas team indicates that SCREAM will take place during a time of great conflict. Information in this article is derived from the official Star Atlas discord Foundation Room and blog. Per the Star Atlas team, information regarding gameplay is subject to change. SCREAM is set to release sometime in the Fall of 2022.

Inter-Faction Restrictions

Players will not be able to visit the Faction Security Zones (Safe Zones) of other factions. Nor will they be allowed to trade directly with players of another faction. All trading of SCREAM resources (R20), excluding Faction Loyalty Points and Experience Points which are non-tradeable, must be done at the owning factions Central Space Station.

– Chip, Lead SCREAM Director

It is clear that non-combat interactions between factions will be, in part, restricted. Since the goal of SCREAM is to expand one of the three main faction’s territory and influence, players will be competing with two additional factions for resources. Throughout the history of humanity, competition for scarce resources often leads to conflict, in this case The SCREAM wars. As DACs compete to establish Space Stations in the Medium Risk Zone and claim control over scarce resources, competing faction players will likely attempt to challenge systems and claim them as their own.

Multi-Faction DACs Face Tough Choices Ahead

Of the many Star Atlas DACs and guilds, some have opted to forego single faction loyalty and implement an inclusive multi-faction model. This has been highly successful in growing the ranks of notable DACs like The Club and Aephia Industries. However, leading up to the launch of SCREAM, multi-faction DACs now must decide how best to proceed. Does maintaining multi-faction presence continue to make sense in SCREAM? Historically, decentralized control of military assets proves ineffective against centralized powers. Should DACs choose to remain multi-faction, clear rules of order must be present to prevent DAC fratricide across factions.

Alternatively, should multi-faction DACs now align themselves within a single faction, they potentially face an exodus of rank and file. However, this could prove beneficial in the consolidation of assets in a coherent manner and application of combat strategy during SCREAM wars.

SCREAM may very well be the first testing point of the longevity of DACs in Star Atlas.

Can diplomacy prevail?

One of the more diplomatic entities to emerge early in Star Atlas is the United Metaverse Accords, signatories of which form the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO). The metaverse, in general, promises to be an all inclusive transformation of society where individuals of all backgrounds are welcome in creating a positive Web3.0 environment. The UMA was created with this spirit in mind. A key tenet of the UMA is that signatory DACs will not engage in conflict or take aggressive action against one another. However, signatories to the UMA belong to all three factions. The release of SCREAM will prove a challenging time for the UMO.

While SCREAM may be focused on territorial expansion and potential conflict, there is still room for diplomatic advance. The UMO could agree to an equal division of the SCREAM galaxy ensuring an equitable share for member states. This framework would look much like the establishment of The United Nations during the post-World War II era. However, diplomacy is always the much more difficult route, especially when formalized relations between DACs are still forming. Should the UMO decide that an agreed upon division of SCREAM is desired, action and dialogue is needed now and today, well in advance of SCREAM.

Pirates or Faction Sanctioned Mercenaries?

SCREAM will likely prevent players from remaining factionless and having a successful experience within the module. Pirate DACs like Skull and Bones and Dark Matter have chosen their respective factions. However, Star Atlas has hinted that “friendly fire will likely not be enabled in SCREAM”. This will prevent Pirate DACs from engaging players of the same faction and will push them towards the service of their parent faction. These Pirate DACs will then be forced into seeking out unsuspecting players of opposing factions, furthering parent faction goals. In the absence of greater conflict or SCREAM wars, these pirate DACs could eventually become proxies for minor conflicts on border regions. Proxy wars have long been a staple of larger governmental entities where direct participation would be costly. Perhaps Star Atlas will have its own Wagner Group or Blackwater, offering services to the highest bidder.

SCREAM will be a pivotal moment for Star Atlas. It will define future relationships and redefine existing ones. New economic models will start and existing organizational structures will crumble. There are two likely paths that the Star Atlas community can take, one of conflict, or one of shared capital diplomacy. Those determinations will be made in the months leading up to the release of SCREAM. Who or what will define the future of Star Atlas?

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