Shadow’s Legacy, a mysterious research group emerges in Star Atlas

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Peculiar reports have come in from the Medium-High Risk Border Zone about a group of scholars researching advanced starship technology. Captains outside of the Low Risk Zone that have been in need have had chance encounters with Shadow’s Legacy, often resolving their issues on site.

Shadow’s Legacy

Officially, members of Shadow’s Legacy are dedicated to the pursuit and free distribution of knowledge. Harkening back to the early days of the internet, these ideals are what inspired the early creators of the World Wide Web to begin building what is the internet today.

Similarly, Shadow’s Legacy believes that the equal distribution of knowledge will empower the masses and will mitigate or even prevent the exploitation of the unknowing. Within Star Atlas, Shadow’s Legacy members are experts in each of their various specialties.

An example of Shadow’s Legacy ingenuity and problem solving capability is the development of an internal SCORE resupply module. While Shadow’s Legacy has been secretive regarding their project, Shadow’s Legacy Lead Research Expert Groove ensured us that the project will improve the SCORE experience of its users.

The Collective Shadow

The organizational structure of Shadow’s Legacy is rather unique when compared to the many larger guilds and DACs of Star Atlas. Embodying the true ideals of decentralization and the spirit of the shadow, the structure of Shadow’s Legacy is rather amorphous. Instead of a ranking structure, members of the Shadow’s Legacy collective are assigned specialty codes correlating to each member’s unique skills.

In keeping with the shadow thematic, Shadow’s Legacy members can be assigned one of the following codes; Specter, Cypher, or Shade. However, Shadow’s Legacy would not acknowledge the purpose of each code. The only comment received was that the code names were in keeping with the secrecy and confidentiality of Shadow’s legacy clients.

Shadow Services

As the premier “problem solving agency” in Star Atlas, currently Shadow’s Legacy offers the following services:

  • Unique problem solving through education and knowledge transfer
  • Repair, refuel, and rescue operations
  • Custom engineering, ship building, and modification
  • Salvage and recovery
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Black Market Acquisitions
  • Discrete Transport Options
  • Extraction and Rescue Operations

Shadow’s Legacy motto: We have a solution for any problem.

Shadow’s Legacy services include a discrete connection to its members for matters of a sensitive nature.

Secrecy Surrounds Closed Door Research Group

Despite being a research group, Shadow’s Legacy is purportedly to have orchestrated the down fall of a political ambassador at the center of a false bounty scheme. The ambassador’s removal has created consternation within the CoP factions.

The ambassadors scheme was uncovered when a family operated IMP Tap was seized by CoP officials in connection to a bounty claim. Unbeknownst to the familial crew, the vessel’s data base contained CoP Gamma Classified tracking data. The data onboard contained detailed communications that implicated the ambassador in the attacking of innocent ships without provocation and abusing his political status to elicit bounties on his victims. The family’s ship was released, and they were rewarded with a significant bounty for their contributions in uncovering the false bounty scheme.

Additionally, members of Shadow’s Legacy have begun appearing in unusual places in recent weeks. Noticeably, Shadow’s Legacy members were spotted around Liblit, coincidentally during the presence of a small ATMTA security detail.

Rumors also suggest that Shadow’s Legacy members may be responsible for the home burglary of a wealthy BUSAN ship dealer. Local authorities were unable to find any evidence to suggest the Shadow’s Legacy members were involved. However, authorities did find evidence that the ship dealer had been laundering money from the Council of Peace’s fleet budget. Authorities promptly arrested the dealer and seized their assets that belonged to the CoP.

Joining Shadow’s Legacy

While inquiries into Shadow’s Legacy operations were met with calculated and short replies, Lead Researcher Groove assured The Hologram that the group was indeed looking for new researchers and members.

Individuals interested in joining Shadow’s Legacy should inquire in their discord here. Applicants should reach out to member Groove for further details. Should Groove of Shadow’s Legacy be difficult to find, the group has permitted The Hologram to connect any curious applicants.

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