Explore Star Atlas’ Convergence War in Meta-Poster 3/14 ReBirth Episode

By Published On: 14 May 2021

The Convergence War Ignites Following Discovery in Star Atlas

At the heart of Star Atlas, a deep space explorer stumbled upon a treasure of invaluable data termed “The Cataclysm”. Unaware of the valuable nature of this discovery, the explorer scans and uncovers the immense power and worth it holds.

On realizing its potential, he trades this priceless data to three warring factions. The acquisition of this potentially transformative information by these rival factions marks the onset of what is now known as the “Convergence War”. This momentous event forever altered the trajectory of history within the Star Atlas universe.

Audioscape, a crucial component of this intricate narrative, is enhanced by the creative contributions of Bassjackers. As the Hologram News Network, Star Atlas‘ first independent news platform, we continue to bring you the most reliable news of Star Atlas and its many unfolding tales.

Stay tuned to keep abreast with the developments in our constellation.

About the Author: Hologram News Network

The Hologram is Star Atlas’ first and only independent news network. HNN's goal is to deliver the most trusted source of information about Star Atlas and be a voice for the whole community. Simultaneously, HNN seeks to enable community driven content creation by supporting and sponsoring emerging creators, writers, and community members. Readers can expect a high standard from our reporting and staff.

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