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Today, Star Atlas released a brand new help section. The part of this help center that caught our attention was The Diplomatic Corps, otherwise known as The Star Atlas Referral Program. Like other MMO referral programs, players will be rewarded for onboarding new players to the Star Atlas game. Usually, referred players must register or play for a certain amount of time before the referrer receives their reward. While we don’t know much about the requirements for the referral program, the newly released help section lists two possible rewards for successful recruiters.

Editor Note: This article covers the legacy Starpath referral program.

Starpath – The Star Atlas Referral Program Rewards

Reward Tokens

Interestingly enough, the term reward tokens does not specify further which token. This reward could either be ATLAS or POLIS, or some other new token. We do know that reward tokens will be transferable.

Factions Rewards

It looks like factions will be competing against one another to see who can bring in the most recruits. At the end of each month, the faction with the most validated new players will receive a faction badge. Only players that participated in the recruiting for the winning faction will receive a badge. This likely will be similar to the Access Badges that exists in the marketplace.

That’s all we know for now about the Star Atlas Referral Program AKA Diplomatic Corp. We’ll keep this section updated as more information is released.

Updated June 17

This article was originally published on May 20, 2022. During COPA 2022, The Star Atlas Referral Program was officially announced. The referral program is likely to be released by the end of July.

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