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Star Atlas Community Anticipates Virtual Universe Stress Test Launch

The Star Atlas community is eagerly anticipating an upcoming gaming event, as revealed in a recent YouTube recap by Beyond The Horizon. The Star Atlas stress test, set to launch on Jan 17 at noon Eastern Time, will run for 24 hours and invites interested participants to support this landmark event in the web 3 universe.

The event will test the gaming capacity of developer Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. While this gaming engine currently supports 100-person servers in popular games like Fortnite, the goal of the Star Atlas test is to operate a 1,000 player lobby.

Beyond the Horizon also highlighted recent videos and creations from the Star Atlas community, championing the collaborative and creative spirit that characterizes the Star Atlas universe.

The Star Atlas virtual universe and its attached cryptocurrencies, Atlas and Polis, have been gaining increasing attention. As the community expands, the need for platforms offering these tokens has been highlighted. Beyond the Horizon has recently released guides on how to purchase Atlas and Polis, aiming to enable more gamers to enter the virtual universe and further boost the community’s growth.

Finally, the Star Atlas stress test aims to push the boundaries of Metagravity’s causal partitioning technology, potentially allowing for boundless virtual worlds and transforming the future landscape of gaming.

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  1. @dougphillups3344 14 January 2024 at 15:11 - Reply

    Love how you edited the metagravity presentation. I feel like I couldn’t focus on his words till I saw your edit . Amazing technology

  2. @TheCryptoCadet-sl7jo 14 January 2024 at 15:11 - Reply

    Let’s gooooooo! 🚀

  3. @davideriksen2434 14 January 2024 at 18:06 - Reply

    I just bought a land claim and a power plant

  4. @BlockchainGamingNetwork 14 January 2024 at 22:57 - Reply

    thanks for the recap! will try to join everyone at the stress test!

  5. @intergalacticherald 20 January 2024 at 06:01 - Reply

    Great recap of the latest in Star Atlas. I will add your ATLAS and POLIS videos to my Star Atlas website page.

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