Unveiling Star Atlas: Remarkable AR Experience with ReBirth and Iris

By Published On: 29 April 2021

Discovery of Iris: A Cataclysm of Infinite Worth

Star Atlas announced the discovery of a rogue planet called Iris, known for its dense reserves of invaluable materials. Notable among the interstellar sphere due to the crash with seven adjacent planets, this event, now known as “The Cataclysm,” has reshaped our understanding of energy production.

The composite materials of Iris along with its seven satellites create an innovative form of free energy, making this remote corner of space an area of ongoing interest. The cataclysmic event did not only reshape Iris but also generated a debris field that is believed to be of immense value.

Further details about this groundbreaking finding are integrated in the first of 14 posters that Star Atlas unveiled titled “ReBirth”. The poster encapsulates an audioscape by Blond:ish with the narrative stemming from the vocals of Jason Silva.

Interested parties are recommended to learn more about “ReBirth” to understand the intricate details and value proposition developed by this unprecedented interstellar event. We aim to provide unwavering and up-to-date information to our readers about ongoing developments under our commitment to be Star Atlas‘ most trusted source of community news.

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  1. @nurcanylmz4408 26 March 2022 at 17:04 - Reply

    Hey Star Atlas executives and founders, you're doing amazing things my friend. Please take care of this project and do good things. The Star Atlas project is a movie and a project that will have fans. Even toys can be removed. Please, please, first of all have some self-respect and make us proud. We trust you❤️🌹🦋🔥😍👋🏻😘 #ATLAS #STARATLAS❤️

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  3. @mastermeta23sd 17 January 2023 at 21:36 - Reply

    I have been struggling to use the AR Feature with my moblie device. any chance you can help? what am I missing? I scan th the QR code with my phone camera, i get nothing through facebook or instagram… thank you

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