The 2024 Star Atlas Joni Awards Nominees

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The final list of the 2024 Star Atlas Joni Award nominees is officially out and Star Atlas community members have until Monday, February 26th to cast their vote for this years nominees.

The Joni Awards are a community nominated and voted awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding Star Atlas community members and their achievements throughout the year. The first Star Atlas Joni Awards was held in 2022 and is intended to be an annual awards ceremony. However, there were no Joni Awards in 2023 making 2024 only the second time the awards ceremony has been held.

This year, voters will select from nine categories, down from twelve in the previous awards cycle. Voters can check out the previous Joni Awards winners as well.

Be sure to cast your vote for the 2024 Star Atlas Joni Awards – you can vote here.



Community Member of the Year

    • Arktype
      • Founder of Atlas Grace, a Star Atlas charity organization benefiting children in Cambodia.
    • Siggy
      • Star Atlas Video and Twitter Content Creator.
    • Yaawn
      • Well renowned economic and Star Atlas game expert. Member of Bulk Guild.
    • Ghazinor
      •  Original Founder of Puri Coin and Puri Community. Member of Rome Guild.


Content Creator of the Year

    • Beyond the Horizon 2620
      • Star Atlas YouTube Content Creator in his first year of content creation.
    • Metaverse Nomads
      • Star Atlas Weekly Podcast with over 100 episodes of content
    • Metaverse Explorer
      • Veteran Star Atlas YouTube Content Creator with over 200 episodes and winner of Content Creator of the Year 2022
    • Siggy
      •  Twitter content creator and expert video content creator


Most Entertaining Star Atlas Video of the Year

Atlas Theory – “The Moment Before”


Siggy – “Combat Racing Video


Beyond the Horizon 2620 – “Star Atlas and the Future of the Metaverse”


Cagyjan – “Flying all 49 Spaceships”


Best Educational Video of the Year

Metaverse Explorer – “Star Atlas Gameplay Manual in 13 Minutes”


Star Atlas Froggies – “Tutorial Sage Labs in French”


Beyond the Horizon 2620 – “Star Atlas: SCORE vs SAGE – Labs Tutorial”


Beyond the Horizon 2620’s – :Star Atlas Throw down: SCORE vs Sage”


Best Community Tool of the Year


Community Helper of the Year

    • Torinder
      • Member of Star Atlas Italia
    • Ghazinor
      •  Original Founder of Puri Coin and Puri Community.
    • Odvb
      • Star Atlas Community Moderator topping Star Atlas main discord activity charts
    • Morpheus
      • French Star Atlas community leader and content creator. Founder of Star Atlas Froggies.


Most Knowledgeable of the Year

    • Yaawn
      • Member of BULK Guild
    • Funcracker
      • Co-Founder of Aephia
    • Eoganacht
      • Founder of BULK Guild
    • Prometheus
      • Co-Founder of Aephia


Best Star Atlas IP Project of the Year


Best Star Atlas In-game Photo of the Year


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