ATMTA Employees Speak On Quiroga Departure

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ATMTA employees give their take on Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder Pablo Quiroga’s departure from ATMTA, Inc

The Hologram News Network first broke the news about Mr. Quiroga’s departure via Twitter. At the time of publishing, ATMTA had not put forth an official public statement. This is part of a larger developing story,

On Friday April 7th, ATMTA CEO Michael Wagner announced via a company memo that fellow Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Pablo Quiroga was departing the company.

The internal company memo did not indicate a reasoning for Mr. Quiroga’s departure. The memo expressed Mr. Wagner’s appreciation for Mr. Quiroga service’s to the company and did not indicate any tensions between the two.

The Hologram is working to independently verify the contents of the memo.

Employees Speak on Chief Revenue Officer’s Departure

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, multiple current and former employees of ATMTA have expressed their thoughts on Mr. Quiroga’s departure to The Hologram.

“Pablo was a savvy, multi-talented guy who added a lot even beyond his official title, but he was polarizing as a manager.” (Sourced declined to further comment on Mr. Quiroga’s managerial style).

He had a deep passion for ideas behind SA and did a lot to shape the project beyond his official title.

It’s unclear why he left, but his jam was always the metaverse over the gaming, the latter being the immediate focus [For ATMTA and Star Atlas]

I do know some on staff will miss him greatly

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