2022 Star Atlas Joni Awards Winners

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Every Winner From the 2022 Star Atlas Joni Awards

Friday, Dec 16th — Star Atlas hosted its first ever Joni Awards, an award program dedicated to the members of the Star Atlas community. Named after the Oni female in the Star Atlas trailer, the golden statue of Joni was presented to each of the 12 winners below.

Presenters included members of the Star Atlas team and members of the Star Atlas community including Arktype, Shadix, and Krigs from The Hologram.

The event culminated with the presentation of Community Member of the Year by CEO Michael Wagner of Automata, the company behind Star Atlas.

Each Joni Award serves as a unique NFT and was presented to each winner from each category.

From the Hologram, congratulations to each winner!

1. Favorite Solana Project of the Year: Phantom

2. Most Knowledgeable Community Member of the Year: Prometheus

3. Community Helper of the Year: Morpheus

4. Community Created Project of the Year: Tufa Attack

5. Meme of the Year: Santi!

6. Small Guild of the Year: Dark Matter

7. Medium Guild of the Year: Rome

8. Large Guild of the Year: Quimera

9. Best Guild Website of the Year: Aephia.Com

10. Video of the Year: DAOCaster

11. Content Creator of the Year: Metaverse Explorer

12. Community Member of the Year: Funcracker

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  1. […] This year, voters will select from nine categories, down from twelve in the previous awards cycle. Voters can check out the previous Joni Awards winners as well. […]

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