The First Star Atlas Council of Peace Assembly

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In an emergency measure, the Council of Peace has declared the first ever Council of Peace Assembly. This is the first Assembly of both the Council and Peace and DACs in one location. The 100 years of peace led to an explosive amount of growth for the three COP Factions; MUD, ONI, and USTUR. However, Factions are beginning to see the limits of their security space and DACs are beginning to expand into the Medium Risk Zone. With tensions rising, the Council of Peace deems it necessary to summon DACs and Star Atlas citizens alike for this historic moment.

The Official Star Atlas Council of Peace Assembly Event details can be found here.

The official purpose of the Council of Peace Assembly is for DACs (guilds) to present to the forum why Star Atlas citizens should support and join their respective DACs. Prizes totaling over $8,500 USDC will be given away including a Star Atlas branded Desktop PC.

Contest Details

DAC Leaders have until June 4 to submit their entry. The best submissions, as judged by an internal panel, will be selected to present at the Council of Peace Assembly on June 16.

DAC Submissions will be judged on Growth, Product Development, and Ecosystem Integration. DACs should tailor their submissions around the value that they bring to the Star Atlas ecosystem and community. There is no upper limit to DAC submissions, but entries should try to be effective and concise as possible.

Full Council of Peace Assembly contest details and Official Entry Submission forms can be found here. Be sure to also review the contest rules.

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