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Today’s Star Atlas Twitter Space featured a heavy coverage of all things relating to the Council of Peace Assembly on June 16th. The COPA update was hosted by Ash, along with Co-Hosts Jose and Santi. Together, the trio fielded a slew of questions from the Star Atlas Community regarding submissions leading up to the main event on the 16th. Given the time allotted to each presenter and the maximum total number of presenters, we can assume that the total length or presentations will be at least 3 hours factoring in overage time and transitions. It was revealed during the discussion that there will also be a presentation by Matt Wagner himself along with other surprise guest speakers. COPA will feature live music and DJs with Ash putting it as having “festival vibes”.

One part diplomatic forum, one part summer bloc party, COPA will be the first keystone event for the Star Atlas team leading into what is hopefully a busy second half of the year.

Here is the key information guilds need to know:

When are initial submissions due?

A: All submissions must be submitted on June 6th.

If a guild is selected to present, who can present during COPA?

A: Any member that represents the guild can present. It does not have to be the guild leader

How much time is allotted per guild?

A: Each guild will have a ten minute presentation period followed by a 5 minute question and answer period.

How long will COPA be?

A: 5–6 hours in total

How many guilds will be selected to present at COPA?

A: Anywhere from 10–15 guilds, depending on number of total initial submissions.

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