COPA 2022 Recap: COEXIST Takes Home Grand Prize

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COPA 2022 — The first ever Council of Peace Assembly took place on Thursday June 16th. The almost seven hour event, dubbed a “summer festival” showcased 15 different guilds from across the Star Atlas universe. In addition to the guild presentations, key note speakers delivered updates to the Star Atlas ecosystem, mindfulness and wellness techniques, and a live digital concert from BassJackers. The event concluded with a miniature town-hall featuring Michael Wagner. Playing off his usual “4–6 week” cheeky response to timeline questions, Mr. Wagner announced several new significant updates that would go live by the end of July. When anticipation of the winner announcement was at its highest, guild COEXIST was declared the inaugural winner of COPA 2022.

Feedback from the community for the event was overwhelmingly positive. Community members were excited for all of COPA’s events including the speeches, giveaways, and Alpha content leaks. Community member Khel took home the iBUYPOWER sponsored giveaway featuring a fully loaded Star Atlas themed PC complete with a Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card, powerful enough for any Unreal Engine 5 game that Star Atlas develops. Members were excited to see the spirit of unity present at COPA, with almost 500 attendees present at any given point during the day.

There were some minor setbacks during and leading up to the event. While the decision was consciously made by the Star Atlas team to host the event in Discord, technical difficulties were not uncommon throughout the day. Users sometime would be unable to view presentations or be unable to join the main stage. Leading up to the event, a short timeline between first round winner announcements and second round presentations sent guilds into overdrive. Many guilds worked 48 hours straight to complete their presentations in time. Lastly, a too-close-to event announcement of the day’s schedule meant some would be participants were unable to make arrangements to attend. While no time selected can satisfy all parties, considerations of timelier announcements and working schedules could have perhaps increased overall participation.

Even with the minor setbacks, COPA 2022 is viewed as a success for both the community and the Star Atlas team as a whole. If the goal was unity and peace, then COPA 2022 achieved its start-right. However, that peace may not last for long. Tensions still remain high within the Council of Peace as a specter looms over galactic politics. Already, rumors swirl of guilds aligning themselves in secret in preparation for inevitable conflict. COPA 2022 has shown that the community can unite for a common interest, but will its positive halo effect last throughout the remainder of the year?

Winners of the COPA 2022 Guild Presentation


COEXIST ‘s values include loyalty, helpfulness, and secrecy. Published new lore to integrate into the Star Atlas story, available in Turkish and English. Proud of the many women in Coexist, part of a social responsibility mission

Official Statement: “It is a win for the community of Star Atlas. COPA was a celebration, not a contest. We showed the world once again no matter how bad the markets are, Star Atlas has the best community in Metaverse and yesterday was a proof of that.”

2nd Place: Dark Matter DAC

Dark Matter are Ustur high risk zone specialists, PVP pirates, explorers, and researchers/manufacturers. Focused on decentralized collective democracy: 1 player 1 vote emphasizing inclusivity of the LGBT+ community.

Official Statement: “We pitched our guild against 14 other finalists. We were the smallest guild to make it to the finals. Beating these big corporate guilds shows it only needs a little Dark Matter to do a lot of damage!”

3rd Place: The Club

The Club highlights their Step Finance sponsorship, Club-designed tools like Pitstop, NFT airdrop to members, and record-setting NFT purchases. Fleet leans towards fighters, MUD home faction, with Oni and Ustur faction presence to secure faction resources.

Official Statement: (Pending)

New Features To Be Released in ‘4 to 6 weeks’

The Show Room — Unreal Engine 5 module meant to showcase ship designs and act as a potential social space. Expect release sometime in July.

Graphic Novel– A comic book prequel to the current (2620) setting of the Star Atlas game that will first be released in a digital form every couple weeks.

POLIS DAO — The governance system of the Star Atlas DAO, expect a release in July.

Marketplace 2.0 — Updated market UI and improvements on functionality of buying and selling of ships and resources.

Referral Program– Like any referral program, it will allow current players to be rewarded for bringing new players into the ecosystem.

SCREAM– SCREAM will be released later in the year and is the pinnacle of this years launch releases. Expect browser-based gameplay with play to earn mechanics.

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