Final 2022 Star Atlas Town Hall Recap

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Friday Dec 16 — The final Star Atlas town hall for 2022 opened with a keynote from Star Atlas’ Michael Wagner and Santi.

Before getting into a recap of the year’s events Santi announced an end of the year surprise for SCORE participants. These rewards were given as recognition to SCORE stakers and are not tied to separate and still possible SCORE Badge rewards.

Skin Airdrops for SCORE participants

Today marked the one year anniversary for SCORE.

Players participating in SCORE will receive Pearce X4 skins based on the number of days they have staked in SCORE.

7 Days enlisted: Sun tiger Pearce X4 Skin

150 Days enlisted: RedX – IV Pearce X4 Skin

300 Days enlisted: Blue Tigu Pearce X4 Skin

2022 Star Atlas Recap

Michael then segued into a recap of the events over 2022

January: The release of Faction Aligned Companies

February: Phase 2 of the Galactic Asset Offering

March: winning website of the year and the beginning of weekly (now tri-weekly) roadmap scans

April: Collaboration with The Sandbox voxel editing contest with $50K in prizes

May: Solana Miami and Hacker House

June: First Council of Peace Event and release of first State of the Economy report from Star Atlas

July: The first 426 Live event launching the Star Atlas DAO , POLIS Locker, Star Path referral system, Galactic Marketplace. Michael also hinted at big changes coming to the Star Path referral system

September: Second 426Live event launching the Star Atlas showroom , SCREAM Hanger Viewer, and ATLAS Locker.

November: In describing the events of November, Michael Wagner stated that it was a bittersweet moment representing both the high and low points of the year. Breakpoint was a highly successful event in Lisbon, Portugal, but was overshadowed by the events of the collapse of FTX.

December: The second phase of SAGE Start Sequence continues on December 20th with the launch of CSS Land Claims and Mining Stakes.

The Star Atlas team will begin their holiday break on Dec 21 and return on Jan 3rd.

Other Significant Updates

Mining Claim Stakes will be integrated into SCORE and emit a level of R4 leading up to the launch of SAGE DevNet in February

DAC integrations tools will begin rolling out in Q1 of 2023 to support guild integrations

SAGE Game Manual Release

The long awaited SAGE game manual was released today — The SAGE Game Manual

Again, DevNet launch will be targeted for April.

Showroom R2 Release

Showroom R2 will be released on the Epic Game Store around 2PM EST on Fri, Dec 16th

Some features in this release:

  • Character selections and skin selections
  • Dogfighting arena with future support for multiplayer

An upcoming Showroom R2.1 release will bring:

  • Unreal 5.1 integration

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