Key Takeaways from the 42nd Star Atlas Community Townhall

Major Changes and Update Announcements in Star Atlas

In Tuesday’s 42nd Star Atlas Town Hall, the Star Atlas gaming community received essential updates on many aspects of the gaming platform presented directly from CEO Michael Wagner

Faction Fleet

The Faction Fleet program will undergo another change. Specifically, Faction Fleet rewards will see a reduction of 33% from the original rates, effective today. Simultaneously, the SDU discover rate in Sage will rise by 33% for a total per minute discover rate of 2,000 SDUs per minute. In the absence of any changes to Faction Claims, the introduction of Starbased will eventually render Faction Fleet obsolete within a launch timeline of two to four weeks post-private community testing.

Starbased Transition

One of the significant updates concerns the evolution of gameplay. Traditional solo play in Starbased will become phased out, with factions competing against each other to create and expand their star bases. This shift implies migrating your resources into a new game ID, paying for fuel costs and ending any mining or scanning operations in the old game ID.

Character XP Progression and Loyalty Points

Character progression and loyalty points will emerge as crucial elements. Players can level up their Council Rank or licenses in mining, crafting, and scanning, with a daily XP cap. In the future, the Council rank mechanic will award you points that enhance account specifications, with larger fleets or crew members.

Loyalty points determine your contribution to faction tasks such as constructing star bases. Each task will receive LP allocation based on its rarity, with upgrades to star bases yielding more LP than maintenance.

ATLAS Emission Changes

The emissions of Atlas, the in-game currency, is also set to be tweaked. The current constant rate of 4.5 million Atlas per day will transform into 1.5 million Atlas per faction under the Starbased system. Atlas emissions will be proportional to LP earned, compared to the rest of the faction.

With the introduction of the Starbased system, Star bases will start at level one, except for CSS which will debut at level six. Advancement allows players access to a variety of recipes and upgrades. Star base functionality depends on food availability; a lack of food only pauses crafting operations, while toolkit deficiency freezes upgrades.

New Resources Introduction

In terms of resources, three new elements, Silica, Titanium Ore and Nitrogen, will appear on the map, replacing older resources. The advantageous usage of these resources in crafting and upgrading will play a significant role in gameplay. This change also indicates that RFR Redemption will be discontinued, calling for the strategic placement of  SDUs in upgrading recipes.

Future Combat Release

Following the implementation of Starbased, combat systems will come under review, potentially calling for another game ID move.

Future Crew Mechanics

The future also holds promising development for crew members. Players can use their crew as an avatar in UE5, and considering the expectation for up to 2.5 million crew members, Star Atlas might mint 10 million compressed crew NFTs to save on costs. Rarity and backstory will determine the power and skills of the crew members.

Other Noteworthy Updates

Another promising development is the planned April release teaser for a big Sage 3D feature.

The Crew Companion app for mobile platforms is also in development, although its launch could happen as late as Q3 considering current projects like the DAO, DAC, SAGE and R2.2.

The recently launched full DAC Platform, being mobile-friendly, offers a revamped management view highlighting the DAC you’re part of. Plans for adding DAC treasury, lending and borrowing facilities and a feature to analyze player wallets for inclusion in the DAC are also in place.

On another note, proposals to reprioritize the DAO, considered as late as Q2, include on-chain voting and the ability to permanently lock POLIS in the POLIS locker, introducing a higher multiplier feature.

Lastly, the promising UE5 stress tests are scheduled for the months of March or April. They could accommodate up to 2000 players, giving away rewards like Atlas and crew cards depending on participation levels.


Star Atlas Townhall 42 Recap provided by contributing reporter Beth.


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