Explore Star Atlas’ ReBirth Meta-poster with Futurist Jason Silva

By Published On: 21 May 2021

Jason Silva Delivers Passionate Message about the Future of Star Atlas Metaverse

Acclaimed futurist and metaverse philosopher Jason Silva has released a visionary message about the transformative power and potential of the Star Atlas metaverse. Silva envisions that this advanced digital universe will revolutionize our exploration and understanding of space through enhanced computational capabilities and immersive digital realities.

“Meta-verses will allow us to craft unique identities and expand beyond our horizons,” says Silva. According to him, the simultaneous outward and inward expansion characteristic of human history is embodied and magnified by Star Atlas.

Star Atlas, a new metaverse that invites users to explore space digitally, blurs the boundaries between real and virtual, offering both novel experiences and bleed-through effects into tangible reality. Silva highlights that success in Star Atlas, backed by decentralized blockchain technologies, could yield actual monetary benefits.

Complementing the Bridging Realms series, Jason Silva’s message accompanied the release of the fourth ReBirth Meta-Poster: Short Story of a Lost Astronaut. Star Atlas, built on the Solana blockchain, offers these Meta-Posters as NFTs that unlock potent in-game assets and other perks, all tradeable in their free marketplace.

Star Atlas, premised at the meeting point of advanced blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game technologies, and decentralized financial systems, is shaping the future of the digital metaverse. As star explorer Carl Sagan once said, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself,” and through Star Atlas, Silva suggests this cosmic exploration becomes not just possible, but real.

“Welcome to the metaverse, welcome to Star Atlas,” Silva concludes, rallying a new generation of explorers to freely unleash the “brave reckless gods within us all” in this digital frontier.

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    The game has already started.

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    The inner expension is what happens inside a black hole😁

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    Stara Atlas is the Best metaverse in the universe.

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    your dream has been mine since the beginning 🙌🏼

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