All Eyes On Star Atlas At Solana Breakpoint 2023

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Michael Wagner delivered a highly anticipated presentation at Solana Breakpoint 2023 highlighting several key successes over the past few months and outlining what lies ahead for Star Atlas in 2024.

All eyes were dialed in to Michael Wagner as he took the Main Stage at Solana Breakpoint 2023 this morning in Amsterdam. Wagner opened his presentation by narrating a parable of a lion being pestered by other animals. The smaller animals, believing the lion to be weak, begins encircling the lion. The lion however, quickly reminds the smaller animals who is king of the jungle. In this case, Star Atlas is the lion of the blockchain gaming jungle.

“Next year is our year, the year of Star Atlas” — Michael Wagner, CEO, ATMTA Inc.

Star Atlas Unveils Combat Racing And Player Progression In Unreal Engine

During Michael’s presentation several up and coming modules and released were showcased. The first of these showcases was Showroom R2.2 which will include Combat Racing and and integrated XP System.

The combat racing mode will be titled “Deathrace” taking homage to the movies of the same name.

The full video presentation also revealed a plethora of new ship skins, player models, and player skins which gamers will likely earn or unlock through the racing career system.

Star Atlas Scales Multiplayer Gaming With Metagravity’s Rashid Mansoor

Joining Michael Wagner on-stage was Rashid Mansoor, founder of MetaGravity, a company that has partnered with Star Atlas to provide multiplayer gaming scaling solutions.

Mansoor is described as a tech entrepreneur and is also the founder of Hadean and Adbrain according to his LinkedIn profile.

Mansoor took the opportunity to describe one of the biggest challenges to large-scale multiplayer gaming — current scaling solutions are only capable of providing connectivity for about 100 players simultaneously.

Mansoor believes that MetaGravity and Star Atlas will change that by providing single instance multiplayer persistence for 30,000 players.

“Star Atlas is at the forefront the these problems…pushing the boundaries of technology in the metaverse.” — Rashid Mansoor, Founder, MetaGravity

Starbased — The Next Evolution of Star Atlas Golden Era

Following Mansoor’s presentation, Wagner delved back into the action with a sneak peak at the next upcoming release for Star Atlas Golden Era.

Outlining this year’s initial test with Escape Velocity and more recently SAGE Labs, the Star Atlas team’s road to Starbased has led to the development of seven on-chain logic programs that manage gameplay on the Solana Blockchain. These programs currently manage:

  • 23.7 million transactions
  • 2 million transactions per day
  • 10–15% of Solana daily transactions
  • 2,000 daily active users with over 10,000 unique connections

Star Atlas DAC Platform — The Gateway For Player and Community Management

Next in Wagner’s presentation was a first look at the Star Atlas Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) platform. DACs are what Star Atlas refers to as its guilds

Under the DAC platform, guilds will be able to set their name, display picture, tag, and assign roles and permissions to its members. The first iteration of the DAC platform will be limited in features, but is intended to provide a robust management system for the community.

Star Atlas Crew Companion App — Level Up Anywhere, Anytime

Wagner closed out his presentation by showcasing yet another product being delivered by Star Atlas in the coming months.

The Star Atlas companion app is a new take on the move to earn model where players can walk, run, or cycle to level up crew members to use in Star Atlas.

Each crew member will have various aptitudes, traits, and rarity that can be used in either the Unreal Engine 5 Racing Environment of in SAGE.

Michael also unveiled Crew Packs, presumably the way players will obtain new crew members to play and train with.

Crew members can also act as play profile pictures. Crew Packs are anticipated in Q1, 2024. Michael did confirm that existing ship owners will receive airdrops of crew packs in the future

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