Exploring Star Atlas Metagravity Stress Test: First Impression and Review

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Star Atlas Executes Ambitious Metagravity Stress Test

Star Atlas and Metagravity recently embarked on the unprecedented task of stress testing a thousand-player lobby. Hundreds of players participated, exploring the lobby together and pushing the realm of possibility within the Star Atlas metaverse.

The test was filled with action as players experimented their interactions with one another. Many gathered around the bar in the showroom, creating an impromptu social hub as they attempted to spawn ships from that location, a feature not currently enabled for this build.

In addition to the social antics, there were also dramatic turns of event as a player, in an attempt to shake things up, was able to cause havoc by attacking other participants. This shocking revelation, revealing that players can impact each other in unexpected ways, added an exhilarating dimension to the testing process.

Despite the chaos, the lobby ran remarkably well with the player count steadily climbing towards the target of 1000 players for metagravity. This test serves as an exciting peek into Star Atlas‘ commitment to engineering high-capacity immersive experiences for their players, proving that this game is not only aiming to expand on current gaming server limitations, but beyond.

For those unable to take part, the event was live-streamed, giving a chance for everyone interested to glimpse into the Star Atlas reality. As Star Atlas continues to push the envelope of metaverse capabilities, these innovative steps are capturing the attention of gaming community and beyond.

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  1. @bebetter7388 19 January 2024 at 02:00 - Reply

    it was so stupid that you shot at people… that was not the point of teh stress test. I may unfollow cuz you are lame

  2. @intergalacticherald 20 January 2024 at 06:11 - Reply

    Thanks for the quick video of your experience in the Stress Test. I was busy and couldn't join in.

  3. @davideriksen2434 23 January 2024 at 19:09 - Reply


  4. @davideriksen2434 23 January 2024 at 19:10 - Reply

    How large is map 🤔

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