Exploring Star Atlas Profitability: Score Vs Sage Showdown (Part 3)

Star Atlas: Can Sage Labs Beat Score Faction Fleet? An Experiment”

Beyond the Horizon 2620 is set to discover if the Sage Labs platform can prove as profitable as the Score Faction Fleet. In this interesting experiment, BTH2620 aims to determine whether selling resources in the marketplace can yield as many Atlas tokens as leaving ships in the Faction Fleet  with limited playtime.

BTH2620 takes into account the invaluable advice and feedback from the Star Atlas community. An impactful point was that using fewer, larger fleets could increase mining time and cargo capacity, potentially yielding up to six times more in Sage Labs than in Score. BTH2620 has since recalibrated his strategy, focusing on forming larger fleets and aiming to create a profit of 938 Atlas tokens per day.

After day one, BTH2620 managed a net profit of 971 Atlas, achieving their objective. Alongside selling hydrogen in the marketplace, lumanite became a resource focus due to its attractive market price. However, the inherent complexities of managing the gameplay and mining runs alongside daily work and personal commitments brought into question the sustainability of this daily profit model.

In the upcoming episodes, BTH2620 will explore Sly Groove, a community-developed project aimed at enhancing the Sage Labs experience. This platform enables varying gameplay styles and could prove better suited to those with limited computer time.

Stay tuned to discover how BTH2620 fares in his bid to maximize profits in the Star Atlas metaverse, examining every facet from fleet formation to resource gathering.

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  1. @moremail8660 25 January 2024 at 02:13 - Reply

    Your sage labs version is old, might be why you are having some problems. My current version is: v2.0.27

  2. @BeyondTheHorizon2620 26 January 2024 at 00:19 - Reply

    I completely agree with your idea. I have a lot of Xxsmall ships, and I kept most in the mining fleets. I thought about the offset in price due to crafting the hydrogen into fuel. I think you might be right about just using the crafters to mine. They do eat up a lot of food though. I still got to keep crunching numbers. Thank you for the comment!

  3. @intergalacticherald 28 January 2024 at 04:57 - Reply

    Great additional content for this comparison. Good point on adding the R4 prices into the comparison. I have a number of Claim Stakes that easily provide enough for my ships in SCORE. But, R4 should be factored in.

    But, I think you made a great point in the end. Technically, SAGE made more ATLAS than SCORE. But, the amount of real-life time interruptions need to be factored in. Getting up early before work doesn't make it worth it, at least to me. When I was playing SAGE, it wasn't fun to manage all the things. SCORE was a way to "play" Star Atlas that didn't take much time. Someday SCORE will be gone so maybe I will get back in SAGE. Or, just wait for something actually fun and engaging to do in Star Atlas.

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