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Syntax, one of the oldest guilds in Star Atlas, was founded with a clear goal in mind, become the best and most trusted data runners and information dealers in the Star Atlas metaverse. Rather than focus on combat, mining, or crafting, Syntax is devoted to exploring the deep reaches of space. Like the early pioneer that discovered the cataclysm, members of Syntax know that there is a plethora of undiscovered resources out there. They know that if they can find these places and securely deliver this information to their clients, people will be lining up to do business with Syntax.

A Democratic governance system

In the early days of Star Atlas, Electric5heep founded Syntax on the underlying principles of decentralized governance. Soon thereafter, two additional individuals saw the promise and allure of Electric5heep’s vision and quickly joined Syntax. These three members currently compose the Syntax council. The Syntax council serves as a leadership and oversight function in the DAC. In the future, two additional members will be added to the council every year until the council reaches a total number of 9 members. Council members are elected through a democratic voting process and must run for election every year. The founding members have a grace period of three years, at the end of which, they too will be up for reelection.

While the Syntax council is responsible for the oversight of the DAC, any member within Syntax can make a proposal. In this aspect, Syntax is one of the rare organizations that truly practices decentralized governance.

Oni Data Running Specialists

To become a member of Syntax, one must also be a member of the Oni faction. Oni faction members receive a bonus to stealth abilities, a crucial must for any serious data runner. Additionally, Syntax data runners should have an affinity for the Busan line of manufactured ships. Busan ships also receive a bonus to stealth mechanics. It’s said that an Oni in a Busan can out-stealth a Tufa hiding in an asteroid field.

Members of Syntax will find that calling the guild home means having a love for the data runner life. That includes frequent forays into High Risk Zone locations which Syntax calls home.

Built on Trust

Syntax’s philosophy is built on a key concept — trust. To the Syntax DAC, trust is everything. As a guild that intends to remain a small group, each member of Syntax must both be trustworthy and be able to place their trust in other members. Ventures into the High Risk Zone requires the utmost confidence in wing mates. Syntax is place where that trust is earned.

Additionally, Syntax intends to be the biggest supplier of valuable information on the Star Atlas market. Part of that goal requires Syntax to maintain a sterling reputation when it comes to information dealing. If customers can’t trust or verify data from a Syntax info dealer, that harms the overall philosophy that Syntax is trying to build. Syntax is looking for members it can trust to help build their data running dreams into reality.

Ready to join the most elite data runners in Star Atlas?

Syntax is unlike many of the other existing guilds in Star Atlas. This small, close-knit group of Oni data running specialists is truly one of the more unique guilds focused on building an environment of decentralized trust to run highly dangerous and highly lucrative data missions. Decentralized governance means everyone has a voice. Plus they have a cool techno-punk dance club to do business out of. Trust in Syntax, and they will trust in you.

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