Skull & Bones: The First Star Atlas Pirate Guild

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As notorious as they may have been for their time, history looks through rose-tinted glasses at the Golden Age of Piracy. Historian John Fiske writes, “At no other time in history has the business of Piracy thriven so greatly”.

Now, 900 years into the metaverse future, the Space Age of Piracy is upon us. The expansion of the three Council of Peace Factions into the Medium and High Risk Zones hearkens back to the period of Imperial expansion into the New World. Enter, Skull & Bones, the first ever declared pirate guild of the Star Atlas seas.

The Hologram takes an inside look at Skull and Bones with 13omb3r, the leader of Skull & Bones and arguably one of the first pirates to be recorded in Star Atlas history.

What defines Skull & Bones?

During the Golden Age of Piracy, successful pirates were renown for their expert skill on the open ocean. In the Star Atlas Space metaverse, Skull & Bones makes no qualms about their goal. “We want to be the very best and that’s what it comes down to” 13omb3r says. For Skull & Bones, its about proving that their pilots and crews are the very best in Star Atlas. To prove that they are the best, Skull & Bones has a clear vision. Become the premier PvP organization in the High Risk Zone, if not all of Star Atlas.

While Skull & Bones is PvP focused, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other activities. According to 13omb3r, Skull & Bones wants to make sure they are creating a sustainable group that includes the economic activities and incentives of Star Atlas. “If we can be the best players in the game, have fun doing it, and make a profit, then we’ve succeeded in living up to the pirate life” touts 13omb3r.

Who is 13omb3r?

A long time gamer and PvP min/maxer, 13omb3rs enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities of Star Atlas is clear throughout our discussion. “Being a PvP’er comes down to one thing, your skill versus the other person’s. PvP is where I find my enjoyment in gaming, going all the way back to my days playing Runescape.”

“Quite honestly, being a pirate means we don’t give a f*** about anything. Being a pirate represent freedom and we can play the game [how we want] and do what we want to do.”

To 13omb3r and his merry band of pirates, the call of freedom and the opportunity to earn a living out in the deep black of space is too hard to ignore.

The Founding of Skull and Bones

In the early days of Star Atlas, there were zero guilds dedicated to the pursuit of PvP. Recognizing this, 13omb3r set out to create the first PvP group. At first, he attempted to do so within an already existing organization. In true pirate fashion, where merit and strength reign supreme on a pirate crew, 13omb3r’s charisma and leadership earned him the respect of fellow guildmates. However, the existing guild leader did not agree with 13omb3r’s vision and desire to expand it’s PvP goals. In an event that Skull & Bones calls “The Mutiny”, 13omb3r and his 30-person loyal crew split and formed the first pirate guild in Star Atlas.

Skull & Bones prepares for SCREAM

The High-Risk zone is still a long ways away from being released. 13omb3r and Skull & Bones will have to wait a little while longer to live out their dreams. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t taking steps to prepare now. Like a ship docked at port, Skull & Bones is carefully planning ahead before they set upon their voyage.

Reacting to the recently released SCREAM alpha, 13omb3r didn’t have any major expectations. As a long time gamer, he understands that polished games that are fun need a long development time. He would rather have a fully developed game that he is excited about than a rushed product.

On SCREAM, 13omb3r discusses his thoughts on multi-faction DACs. “I knew from the beginning that the multi-faction ideals that DACs had wouldn’t work out”. SCREAM will strongly encourage players to engage in faction competition, how multi-faction DACs attempt to prevent a three way split in their ranks will be interesting. 13omb3r wonders out loud, “How many DACs will remain multi-faction as SCREAM progresses?”

Skull & Bones is a MUD faction guild. While they desire to retain their autonomy in the deep of space, Skull & Bones also understands that MUD faction goals may align with their own and temporary truces may be formed in the future.

Honor Amongst Pirates

Skull & Bones strives to live up to the traditional pirate value system. It’s one person, one vote in Skull & Bones. That includes 13omb3r himself. Piracy is much more than looting and pillaging. It’s about a true meritocracy where your efforts and skills are rewarded. Those that live the pirate life know that the strong survive and the weak do not.

However, 13omb3r reveals that there is a semblance of a Pirate Code, and that it’s not all anarchy and chaos. Anyone that enters the High-Risk Zone is a valid target. That doesn’t mean Skull & Bones will attack without mercy. “We’re not here to prey upon the little guy. We don’t believe in griefers or griefing. In fact, if we found out someone was a griefer we would hunt them down. Griefing has no place in Star Atlas.”

Griefing, or Player Killing, is the act of intentionally attacking another player that is usually much weaker, for the pure enjoyment and sadistic nature of it. Rampant griefing can have a negative impact on a game’s community and become a discouraging factor to new players.

— –

As we end our call, I ask 13omb3r if he has a message for the Star Atlas community.

“Be ready” he responds coolly and confidently.

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