Quimera, An Inside Look at One of the Largest Spanish Guilds in Star Atlas

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In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a fire breathing creature that is part lion, goat and snake. Through time it has come to represent the description of anything comprised of many different parts that seem almost implausible. The combination of said parts is often wildly creative and fantastical.

Such a name is befitting for one of the leading Spanish guilds in the Star Atlas metaverse. Quimera, the Spanish translation of Chimera, is home to Spanish speaking citizens from across the globe. With a dizzying number of represented countries on five continents, Quimera lives up to its namesake by presenting a powerful force within the Spanish speaking community.

Tracking down the inner workings of Quimera proved almost as difficult as tracking down a Chimera in real life. Unless you’re a native Spanish speaker, wandering into their Discord proves to be an adventure itself. Thankfully, Quimera’s Director of Diplomacy Lucius gives us a rare opportunity to bring this Spanish community to the rest of the Star Atlas metaverse.

Into the Belly of the Beast

The one thing that’s instantly recognizable about Quimera is its branding. The Quimera logo is instantly recognizable amongst the Star Atlas community. With over 2,000 members, Quimera has a clear goal in mind. Lucius explains that the main thing Quimera wants to accomplish is to position themselves where they can both grow their community and their influence with the metaverse. The metaverse is ever expanding and [it] will need strong communities to support stable growth and development.

Growing such a large community is not without challenges. Even within a single language, many cultural differences exists. Lucius details how culturally, Spanish speakers from Spain act and behave differently than Spanish speakers in Argentina. What may be the norm in Mexico my be taboo in Costa Rica. With such a diverse group, finding the right balance is sometime hard. “You always have to make the effort to try and understand someone that’s different than you, that’s what community building is about”, explains Lucius.

Fortunately for Quimera, its leaders have a long history of community building in online games dating back to the early 2000’s. Speaking for himself, Lucius is a lifelong gamer. “My first experience with community building started in EVE Online. I was a PR officer for the group known as Band of Brothers.” EVE Online historians will remember Band of Brothers as one of EVE’s earliest and most powerful alliances led by the famous SirMolle.

Lucius continues, “After I left EVE and Band of Brothers, I moved on to Star Citizen where I again was a PR and Political leader for the group that I am a part of. I’m still fairly active there. One of my friends then introduced me to Star Atlas. At first I was hesitant, but once I learned more about crypto and the metaverse I knew this was something that I wanted to be apart of so I joined a large guild. Unfortunately, the goals of that guild and my own didn’t align, so I left. That’s when I was recruited by Khal to join Quimera.”

Quimera Leadership Team

Leadership and Community

From Quimera’s organizational structure, it’s clear that the group is well funded, equipped, and operated in the metaverse. Many of its leaders have obtained professional degrees in various fields of study. Together, the leadership team puts on an average of 15 monthly events for gamers, whether that be competitions, training, or education.

It’s not all about gaming and crypto for Quimera, however. Quimera wants to ensure that their community is as inclusive as a space for all members, not just their Spanish speaking cohort. “We’re actively trying to address the natural barriers that a single language presents and trying to make inroads with other communities.”

Recently, Quimera was a final competitor for the 2022 Council of Peace. Ultimately, they did not place in the top three.


 I was very surprised by COPA both good and bad. The technical difficulties were sometimes challenging to work through, and I clearer definition of presentation guidelines would have been useful. We spent 48 hours pre-recording our video, but in the end, I think that’s what ended up hurting us. We didn’t have the opportunity for live interaction between us, the judges, and the audience. Overall, I thought it was a super fun event. My favorite part was the mental health awareness segment of COPA. It was awesome to see the tranquility amongst the community and to see all the citizens from across the globe in one spot, it was a great visual for unification. It gave me goosebumps.”

– Lucius recounts Quimera’s COPA experience.

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