9 Guilds To Compete For Star Atlas COPA 2024 Competition

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Star Atlas just announced their finalists for this year’s Council of Peace Assembly Competition. This year, 9 guilds will compete and deliver a live presentation to a Star Atlas community audience on Thursday, February 29th during COPA 2024.

The winners of the competition will take home a Central Space Station Habitat for their guild which can also double as a psuedo-guild hall.

Contestants and presenters will be judged and scored by a select panel. To qualify for the final live presentation round, contestants were required to submit a draft of their presentation. This years 2024 Star Atlas COPA finalist are:

These nine finalist were selected from an initial pool of over 20 applicants. Notably, the previous COPA’s winners (The Club, Coexist, and Dark Matter ) did not make the final round this year despite remaining active within the Star Atlas community.

Breaking down the finalist by faction,  The Unseen, Skull & Bones, and BULK comprise a third of the finalists representing the MUD faction. This is tied with Aephia, Solaris, and Star Atlas Italia who are all multi-faction guilds.

Just two Oni guilds, ROME and Shadow Loyal made the cut, however, ROME itself represents a significant power bloc within the Oni faction. Heimdall Industries stands alone as the sole Ustur guild to round out the nine finalists for COPA 2024.

Throughout the crypto bear market in 2022 and 2023, most cryptocurrency projects, including Star Atlas, suffered from a significant decline in interest and participation.

As a result, many guilds struggled to keep members actively engaged within the Star Atlas community. However, with 2024 brining a fresh wave of bullish sentiment across crypto markets, Star Atlas and its respective guilds have seen a resurgence in activity.

Undoubtedly, the final list of 9 guilds represent some of the best of what the Star Atlas community has to offer. Many of the listed guilds remained steadfast during the aforementioned bear market and continued to develop notable community driven projects.

Many guilds launched their own third-party community tools that helped players across the community better engage with the Star Atlas ecosystem.

Guild presentation begin next Thursday during the official 2024 Star Atlas Council of Peace. COPA 2024 is one of five events occurring next week in celebration of Star Atlas Community week.

Community members will want to be sure to attend these live events as obtaining a code during each event will earn the attendee a unique Atlas Brew Badge.


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