Major Star Atlas Releases Planned For July 21st 2022

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Today, in a tweet from the official Star Atlas twitter account, it was officially revealed that the next major Star Atlas releases are scheduled for July 21st.

The summer heat is rising… ✨

The great assembly of DACs has put gears into motion. The announcement of a new galactic order fast approaches… 🌌

The answer to the status quo is #426LIVE. If you know, you know.

Coming on the 21st of July on https://t.co/LdjcSyryF4. 🚀 pic.twitter.com/sKSO4Xzild

– Star Atlas (@staratlas) July 7, 2022

Of significance, Thursday, July 21st is exactly 35 days (5 weeks for you 4–2–6 watchers) since the conclusion of COPA. During COPA, it was announced that 6 major Star Atlas releases would be coming in the next “4 to 6 weeks”. Of the 6 announced releases, the POLIS DAO, revamped Star Atlas Marketplace, and Unreal Engine 5 pre-alpha Showroom are the most highly anticipated releases. “4 to 6 weeks” has been a fun long standing community joke regarding planned timelines for future Star Atlas releases.

In a possibly deleted tweet from the Star Atlas community account @wearestaratlas, it was reportedly stated that “multiple releases are coming on July 21st”. (The Hologram is working to confirm the status and content of this tweet). If multiple releases are planned for that day, it will be a significant day in Star Atlas history. The community is likely to see a large uptick in activity from both current and new users.

Additionally, July 21st is a few days after the one year anniversary of the Star Atlas Rebirth Meta Poster Campaign. The Star Atlas team has stated in the past that while the planned initial rewards for Meta Poster have been distributed, they would like to possibly do a small gesture for current poster holders. The week of the one year anniversary of the Rebirth campaign seems like a plausible time for that to occur.

What releases are likely coming on July 21st?

In addition to the previous statements from the Star Atlas community team, the Star Atlas development roadmap and weekly Medium Atlas Star updates greatly support the likelihood of the POLIS DAO and Marketplace launches by the end of the month.

From the recent Star Atlas Medium Update:

PROJECT Marketplace

Updates: Marketplace is officially fully audited and ready for production. /// Support front-end team throughout final implementation of the new marketplace, added new designs for the home page to add links for showroom and scream. /// 95% code complete, live on devnet and started testing.

Upcoming activities: Support to front-end team, ongoing design reviews. /// QA process, Sharing the link with the internal team as well as with moderators to start training people and get early feedback.

Project DAO

Updates: Primary functionality close to feature complete. /// Assisting ongoing audits and front end (web3) team. ATLAS staking program was submitted for audit.

Upcoming activities: Finish high-fidelity designs. /// Testing. Link ATLAS staking program to the marketplace to apply incentive structure.

The Marketplace is nearing completion and is a key component in transitioning the current Star Atlas gameplay from SCORE to SCREAM. Additionally, the revamped Marketplace will smoothen user interface and interactions making the market feel much more like a true AAA MMO.

It was also reported that the POLIS DAO smart contracts are undergoing auditing at this time. This is likely one of the final steps in POLIS DAO development prior to deployment. Auditing has been ongoing for some time, so its very likely that the process is nearing completion.

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