Star Atlas Seasons & 2022 Showroom and Roadmap

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During Solana Breakpoint 2022 in Lisbon, Star Atlas Co-Founder Michael Wagner, unveiled the trajectory for the Star Atlas Showroom and game. Following the path of games like Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Fortnite, Star Atlas will also utilize the seasons model on its road to full release.

What’s implied is that over a course of a four-stage pre-season and 8 subsequent seasons, the Star Atlas Showroom will be expanded to include additional gameplay features and career progression systems.

What’s important about Star Atlas Seasons

According to ATMTA, the company behind Star Atlas, the full version one game is on a 5–7 year production timeline. The pre-alpha version is currently in pre-season Release 1 with Release 2 around the corner. Understanding the season schedule will help you better understand when certain game mechanics and careers will become available in Star Atlas.

While Star Atlas is using a season model, its important to note that the timeframe for each season is undefined. Typically gaming seasons last from 3–5 months. On a 5–7 year timeline, seasons could go as long as a year between releases. These seasons should expand the current environment of the Star Atlas showroom allowing people to to become more immersed in the Star Atlas metaverse.

Star Atlas Pre-Season

Unreal Engine Preseason Roadmap

Release 1

  • Showroom Basic environment

Release 2 — Nov 22

  • Flight / Racing
  • Multiplayer

Release 3

  • Basic crafting
  • Ship cargo and hauling

Release 4

  • ECOS Attack (A variant of TUFA Attack possibly)
  • Looting and skins (Likely PvE looting, unknown if this includes PvP)

Season 0 — Combat and Racing

  • Racing Career
  • Fighting Career
  • Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE)
    SAGE, formerly Project SCREAM, is the WebGL game alongside the UE5 game.

From what we know about timeline of SAGE, we can expect SAGE released to come out sometime at the end of 2022. Following up with the Star Atlas team, is was clarified that SAGE will come before Season 0. Thus, we can expect Season 0 to rollout sometime in the middle of 2023, likely.

Star Atlas Seasons 1–4

Season 1 — Ship Mining4

  • Space Miner Career
  • Crew (Likely for ship loadouts)
  • ONI Central Station (One of the three Faction Central Stations)
  • Space hab(itats) (Player living quarters?)

Season 2 — Game Hunting

  • First Person Combat
  • Game hunter Career
  • Mounting (Giant Tigu mount?)

Season 3 — Bounty Hunting

  • Bounty Hunting Career
  • USTUR Central Space Station

Season 4 — Smuggle & Freight

  • Smuggling and Freight Careers
  • Player Space Station Creation

Star Atlas Seasons 5–8

Season 5 — Land Mining & Crafting

  • Mining outposts
  • Manufacturing Career
  • MUD Central Space Station (Last Central Station to be released)

Season 6 — Exploration and Transport

  • Exploration and Passenger Transport
  • Real Time Strategy Fleet and Crew Command
  • Homeworld Planets

Season 7 — Repair and Salvage

  • Repair and Salvage Careers
  • All ships flight ready

Season 8 — Rescue & Refuel & Politics

  • Rescue, Refueler, and Politician Careers
  • Fully decentralized
  • Star Atlas v1.0 — Full Game


Based on the roadmap of Star Atlas seasons, its clear that repair and salvage careers will be prioritized last and only available until closer to the games full release. For those interested in combat, mining, and crafting, rejoice! It would seem like those activities will come sooner, likely within 1–2 years.

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