Star Atlas In Talks With Ludex, Dawn of Empire For Unannounced Release

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Star Atlas has confirmed that they are in discussions for a future partnership with Ludex, developer of Challenge, a trustless PVP competition protocol for gaming that supports the Avalanche and Solana blockchains.  Details of the partnership emerged Friday evening when a discord message image surfaced from Diego Parra, founder of Ludex.

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Shortly thereafter, Michael Wagner, CEO of ATMTA, confirmed the validity of Parra’s comments. Speaking to Wagner directly, Wagner stated that “he was not ready to reveal anything yet”. According to Parra’s message, a future feature is in the works, specifically through Dawn of Empire a space themed tower defense game.

While Ludex specializes in on-chain PVP solutions, it’s unclear as to what exactly the tie in is with Star Atlas. Integration with Dawn of Empire could parallel that of the delayed Honeyland feature release, incorporating cross-ecosystem utility. Star Atlas combat and PVP are also future releases in the Star Atlas roadmap, however, the timing of the partnership and a possible combat release are not along the same timeline.

Looking at Star Atlas nearest releases, the crew companion app and Star Atlas Starbased are the next two announced releases. As a wildcard, however, the Star Atlas team has also teased an unannounced release that player’s “aren’t ready for”.

Ludex On-Chain PVP Solutions

According to Ludex’s website, “Ludex simplifies blockchain integration for game developers, allowing players to compete using on-chain assets via the Challenge protocol, all without needing blockchain expertise. Our SDKs empowers any game developer to seamlessly integrate trustless competitions into [their] games!”

Ludex is backed by notable names within the Solana ecosystem, namely Solana Labs, Solana Ventures, and Kano One. According to their website, Ludex has also partnered with notable blockchain games like Genopets and Laddercaster.

The development company is also behind Megaweapon, a frenzied multiplayer battle game on the Avalanche blockchain.


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