Explore Star Atlas’ Trailblazing NFT Collection- A Revolution in Digital Fashion

By Published On: 17 September 2021

Star Atlas and The Fabricant Revolutionize Digital Fashion with Their Inaugural Collection

Star Atlas in collaboration with The Fabricant has radically upgraded the landscape of global digital fashion with their introductory collection. This collection, the first of its kind, features next-generation on-chain merchandise with unique metaverse properties, taking the concept of in-game NFTs to a previously uncharted level.

This novel digital couture collection includes five high-tech items exclusively designed by The Fabricant. The pieces range from the legendary ‘PRIMORDIAL GLO Bomber Jacket’ by Galactic Love Outfitters to the intriguing ‘TTT 300K’, a collection of 10 unique Tribal Transcendence Tags.

One of the standout high-tech items is the ‘COSMIC ORIGIN 92 eL.eM.eN.tAL Jersey [CO92E]’, an epic on-chain piece that redefines the intersection of fashion and technology.

The ‘NXT le]V[el DS Bodysuit Glow-up’ by New Exoplanetary Textiles Co. revolutionizes digital fashion, while the ‘PhotoniX Provenance Primal Origin Neckwear’ is a statement piece setting new standards for in-game NFTs.

The Star Atlas and The Fabricant collaboration marks a significant milestone in digital fashion, providing fans with exclusive access to top-tier metaverse merchandise. This innovative foray into in-game couture highlights their commitment to consistent evolution and unique content creation. Their collection can be explored at the Star Atlas platform.

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