The Club J33VES Tool Offers New Resource Sales Service

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On Sunday, The Club guild in Star Atlas announced that their automatic Faction Fleet resupply butler tool J33VES had upgraded with a new feature.

The new service from The Club allows members to directly purchase Star Atlas R4 resources like ammunition, toolkits, food, and fuel from The Club’s supply of R4. This service is an alternative to buying R4 from the Star Atlas marketplace where sometimes would be buyers would need to compete with other marketplace entrants. According to The Club, resources are sold at “the best prices” to avoid members from crossing the buy-sell spread on the Star Atlas marketplace. Practically, this means that The Club’s J33VES tool should offer some of the most competitive sales prices for R4. The J33VES tool can be found in The Club’s discord server and has no fees or taxes associated for using its buy service.

The J33V3S bot entrance into the Star Atlas marketplace marks the first time a marketplace bot being publicly associated with a guild. The J33VES bot operates slightly different than other marketplace bots in that it does not operate directly on the Star Atlas marketplace. Rather it provides resource volume from a supply generated by Club owned claim stakes.

In a follow up tweet, The Club hinted that J33V3S could expand in the future to include raw and crafted materials and components, furthering the selection of items to choose from.


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