Polaris Fuel: An OPEC Model in Star Atlas

By Published On: 24 May 2022Tags: ,

Polaris Fuel is a new organization that aims to become an OPEC-like entity within Star Atlas. OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that formed to band against foreign influence in their operations. Today, OPEC provides economic dialogue that influences a majority of the petroleum refining production on the planet.

About Polaris Fuel

The mining, refining, transportation, security, and distribution of fuel will be a critical part of Star Atlas gameplay. Even though the full game is still many years from being released, players are already preparing their strategies and deciding which role they will play in the fuel production ecosystem.

Polaris Organizational Structure

As a first step, Polaris Fuel will focus on building strong collaborative communities in four key areas:

To build these pillars, Polaris Fuel will forge mutually beneficial partnerships with other players and guilds.

About the Author: Krigs

An ardent supporter of emerging technologies, Krigs has been covering blockchain games for over two years and believes passionately in their power to revolutionize our collective gaming experience.

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