AFSeX, The First Star Atlas Fleet Share Token

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Andre’s Fleet Share Experiment, or AFSeX, gives owners partial exposure to Star Atlas assets while holding collateralized tokens. 

As a cryptocurrency backed blockchain game, Star Atlas presents a unique opportunity for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

AFSeX Market Data

Unlike traditional gaming, however, the Star Atlas economic system allows individuals to create parallel pathways of financial management and exposure that isn’t tied directly to gameplay. One example is AFSeX, a community built Star Atlas exposure token for individuals unwilling or unable to buy Star Atlas ships directly.

Buyers and holders of AFSeX are exposed to partial ownership of a variety of Star Atlas ships without the necessary purchase of a ship or daily management of in game resources. The fund operates by creating a liquidity pool from token holders by which ships and other Star Atlas commodities are purchased.

AFSeX operates using a high frequency trading bot

The token’s founder, retired crypto trader Andre, formulated the idea when trying to determine sustained pathways of viable economic growth within Star Atlas. As an experienced and now retired crypto trader, Andre previously used high-frequency trading bots with great success on the Ethereum market. Now, he’s turned that experience into a successful venture market for Star Atlas ships. The AFSeX fund currently holds over 100 ships, $POLIS, and R4 resources.

In the past 5 months AFSeX has doubled in price, reaching an individual price of $.02. With approximately 44 participants and $5.8K in liquidity, Andre’s Fleet Share is a relatively small community run project. However, as the past few months indicate, the AFSeX’s performance has remained steady. AFSeX can be traded for on Radium.

Disclaimer: $AFSeX is a cryptocurrency token utilizing a liquidity pool-token concept to given individuals exposure to high cost Star Atlas assets at a lower cost. Like all cryptocurrencies, owning $AFSeX carries a degree of risk. Nothing in this article constitutes financial advice or purchase endorsement. The author owns a position in $AFSeX.

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