Maiden Voyage: The Hologram Hires First Opal BitBoat Crew Members

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On July 19th, we announced that The Hologram had acquired an Opal BitBoat. This acquisition was not simply an investment in Star Atlas or SCORE but a fundamental component of our operating model in the early years of Star Atlas.

Today, The Hologram is pleased to announce the official hiring of its first two crew members (paid staff): StacheAttack of Syntax and August Wulff of Dark Matter. StacheAttack will be The Hologram’s Spanish Bureau Chief and Cpt. August Wulff will be The Hologram’s Senior Writer. Both of these individuals have proven themselves to be professionals and dedicated to the values and mission of The Hologram.

“We believe this is a first for Star Atlas. We are using one-hundred percent of the SCORE proceeds of the BitBoat to help fund our operations and pay our crew members using Star Atlas’ utility token: ATLAS. We think that’s pretty unique,” said Krigs, founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Hologram. “Our dream is to build a sustainable independent business within Star Atlas and, while we still have a long way to go, we see this milestone as an important first step for us and Star Atlas businesses as a whole.”

Within the next month, The Hologram will be finalizing its last two available crew slots. One will be dedicated to helping build out the Spanish speaking community; the other will be focused on increasing The Hologram’s overall coverage of Star Atlas.

“The Star Atlas community as a whole is incredibly diverse. We want to make sure that we capture as much of that diversity as we can,” said Krigs. “Internally, we like to say that ‘The Hologram is written by the community for the community.” In order for us to do this well, we need to reflect that community. That is why we have opted to be a neutral and guild-agnostic organization. Our unifying quality is that we all share a passion for Star Atlas.”

The Hologram also would like to thank all the other news contributors to The Hologram like Laurentrun. Thank you to the community and other content creators for supporting our endeavor. Lastly, thank you to the people at ATMTA for making this whole idea even possible.

The Hologram is Star Atlas’s first independent news organization. Our vision is to become the most trusted source of information about Star Atlas and a voice for the whole community. Readers can expect a high standard from our reporting and staff. Our promise to you: we will never publish anything that hasn’t been thoroughly researched and based on the best facts available.

About the Author: Krigs

An ardent supporter of emerging technologies, Krigs has been covering blockchain games for over two years and believes passionately in their power to revolutionize our collective gaming experience.

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