The Sandbox and Star Atlas Partner to Giveaway $125,000 in Prizes

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In a surprise announcement, metaverse giants The Sandbox and Star Atlas launched a two week-long VoxEdit creator competition. For this contest, Star Atlas has offered some of the biggest prizes to date to include an Opal Bitboat.


The rules of the competition are simple, using The Sandbox’s VoxEdit, design one of the three main races that make up the Council of Peace. VoxEdit is a 3D design editing tool developed by The Sandbox. The purpose of the tool is to allow creators to make voxel assets for use in The Sandbox.

VoxEdit Software:

VoxEdit is a standalone downloadable software that you can find from The Sandbox developer’s here.


According to The Sandbox’s official press release, there will be ten overall winners. First place will score 20K in SAND tokens and an Opal Bitboat, valued at roughly $10,000 USDC. That’s a whopping total value of $55,000 USD for first place.

Full prize table is below:

  • 1st place: 20,000 SAND and an Opal Bitboat (valued at roughly $10k)
  • 2nd place: 15,000 SAND and 2x Calico ATS Enforcer + a Calico Medtech (valued at roughly $5k)
  • 3rd place: 8,000 SAND and an Ogrika Mik, a Busan Thrill of Life and a Calico Medtech (valued at roughly $2500)
  • 4th to 10th place: each receive 1,000 SAND and a Busan Thrill of Life (valued at roughly $940)
  • Best BLOND:SH headpiece wins an Ogrika Mik and a Busan Thrill of Life (valued at roughly $1600)

The last prize on the list is for creators that design a unique headpiece item for the contest. Designs should be inspired by artist BLOND:ISH for a truly cosmic design. BLOND:ISH should be a recognizable name for Star Atlas fans as they are the creators of the music behind several of the Star Atlas Rebirth metaposters.


Contestants creating a design for entry have until May 15th to do so. Here is the full timeline:

  • Submissions open: May 2nd, at 00:00PM UTC.
  • Submissions close: May 15th, at 23:59PM UTC.
  • Reviews and voting will occur between: May 16th and June 5th.
  • Result announcement: June 11th.

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