Scythe Sponsors End of Year Fundraiser Boosting $1,200 in Donations

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Wed, Dec 21st — The Star Atlas guild Scythe is hosting a final End of Year charity fundraiser, this time centered around the gift of giving to those less fortunate. Scythe has become well known in the Star Atlas community for hosting cryptocurrency enabled fundraisers towards charitable causes like cancer research. This year, Scythe has managed to raise over $1,200 towards these causes.

Individuals that donate to the charity of the month are eligible for giveaway prizes, usually in the form of Star Atlas ships. In the past, ships such as the Pearce X6 and Opal JetJet have been given away.

To participate in this month’s donation campaign, a person must donate at least $5 worth of toys or food to a local or national donation drive. To be eligible, proof of donation via photo must be submitted here.

Official Sycthe Donation Drive Announcement

To be entered into this month’s event, participants should donate toys to programs such as Toys For Tots. Donations of food and clothes to food drives, churches, etc. will also be excepted. To receive your entry, a picture of the donated items will need to be provided. Please try to make the donation at least $5. There’s no good way to go about this, so I’m trusting the community to be honest. Please remember this is meant to help people in need. Thank you everyone for your continued support! Let’s make some people’s lives a little better this holiday season!!!

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