Will February Be Any Different For Star Atlas?

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Star Atlas was relatively light on news for the month of January. Community member JayWalk shared their frustration by highlighting desired updates on runway, SAGE, mining claim stakes, and a town hall in 2023

Star Atlas Community Speaks Out


“I can chime in a bit here and only speaking for myself. What I would have expected this month is the following:

  • Update on runway. Doesn’t have to be specific numbers or names, just something more than reassuring you are still full speed ahead
  • ANY update on SAGE. Target still on track and for what month. Even a quick video would be nice to install a little bit of confidence that the team has a somewhat working product. This is probably the #1 most concerning to me!!!
  • Any update of Claim Stake staking. Still complete silence on that.
  • An official TH announcement so that we can at the very least cling to hope that SOMETHING will get announced then.
  • SOMETHING…ANYTHING with the DAO. I mean how much longer can this keep being pushed out??? 0 Utility for POLIS now for 2 years!

Team has been great about answering super specific questions regarding gameplay that is still potentially YEARS out, but the bigger questions that have significant impact to us now are the ones they always seem to punt on.”

Here’s what Aephia’s Metaverse Explorer had to add:

“Michael Wagner previously [said], we are full speed ahead, in regards to the runway. But it doesn’t help us much at all. And this is the same concern I’ve been voicing. Like even in the last video, I’m like, Yeah, I know that, but I don’t actually know any more than that. I should take your word, like. Yeah. No. It’s kind of hard guys. It’s kind of really, really hard. To be at like an adult rational person where money is involved, you take their word. Not really guys that’s not good decision making you know?”

Change in Star Atlas Communications Team?

We’ve previously reported that there appears to be an apparent shift in communications strategy from ATMTA and this as been indirectly confirmed by Michael Wagner, quote ”not sure why you would expect major product updates in January following a chaotic close of the year.” End quote. A lot of internal restructuring occurred within ATMTA after 13 team members were laid off as reported by Aephia. Wagner has confirmed a town hall for February 3rd that will likely cover a significant number of updates on both game development and company standing. It would appear that ATMTA has moved their Town Hall schedule to center on key release dates as opposed to their rolling three week schedule of 2022.

Updated Feb 1, 2023

Removed comment regarding Micahel Wagner traveling to Asia which was incorrect.

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