The Pearce R6 Role In Star Atlas Fleets

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The Pearce R6 role in fleets will be as a repair ship and will play a vital role in future fleet composition. As the only small repair ship, fleet captains will need to seriously consider whether to deploy on expeditions with or without them.

Today, Star Atlas released the Pearce R6 on the galactic marketplace. The Pearce R6 is a small sized repair class ship presumably capable of repairing other ships in the field. Until now, the only other repair capable ship was the Pearce R8. In contrast to the Pearce R6, the Pearce R8 is a large sized ship designed for more complex repair operations.

So why is the Pearce R6 so important?

The Pearce R6 is the only, and will be the only, small sized repair class ship for the near future. The GAO Phase 2 Roadmap does not list any other small size repair ship. There are no XX-Small, X-Small, or Medium repair ships planned for GAO Phase 2. Thus, fleet captains will have to choose between the smaller R6 or the much larger R8.

Why does this matter?

Pearce’s small repair ship will play vital roles for different fleet captains and play styles.


In combat, there is a loose relationship between strength and mobility. These two characteristics usually operate at an inverse to one another. The stronger something is, the less agile it becomes. More maneuverable units sacrifice power for speed.

For larger, less mobile fleets, the Pearce R8 is the obvious choice. Large fleets will need the bigger repair capability inherent in the R8. The R8 will likely be the anchor around which fleets coalesce, forming the backbone of the logistics fleet trail.

However, not every captain will operate a large fleet. Nor will large fleets be cost effective to continually operate. Instead, we will see many smaller fleets fill the void between celestial bodies. For the small fleet, the Pearce R6’s role in fleets as a repair hub is the perfect option for fleet operations.

The smaller R6 will be able to match the speed and agility of like size fighters and even transports. Without the R6, small fleets are forced to either field a R8 or go without repair services. Should a small fleet choose to integrate a Pearce R8, the R8 then becomes a limiting factor due to its size, limited mobility, and attractiveness as a target. For small fleets, the Pearce R6 is a necessary option.


Space exploration is fraught with its own perils as well. Rogue space weather, pirates, accidents, and unplanned contingencies all pose a threat to the venture explorer. Current ships have a limited field repair capability and are forced to tether their operating range to known resupply points. Pearce’s R6 has the potential to allow ships to become even more expeditionary. Ships accompanied by an R6 would be able to remain on patrol for extended amounts of time.

Time, range, and speed are valuable to an explorer. The first explorer to discover something is generally the one who gets to claim the credit, fame, and reward. The more time an explorer spends repairing their ship or in transit, the more costs of opportunity add up. Having a Pearce R6 at your side keeps you in the game longer.


By nature, transport and freight operations are slow. Transport and freight ships are designed to carry relatively substantial amounts of cargo or passengers across great distances. Owing to their slow speed, these kinds of ships can take a moderate amount of time to reach their destination. While transport and freight ships are generally reliable, one that’s broken-down starts costing some serious money. Time equals money and lost time equals lost money.

Even worse, should a transport ship become severely damaged, the integrity of the entire ship could become compromised. This could result in the loss of precious cargo and even more money. Lost transport ships in the High-Risk Zone could mean permanent loss of both ship and cargo assets.

The Pearce R6’s Role in Fleets -The Repair Backbone

It may seem like the Pearce R6 is an overpriced asset with a niche capability. However, to the true aerospace master, the diverse utility of the R6 is clear. No matter what type of fleet is fielded, the Pearce R6 can significantly extend the capacity of any given fleet. Its smaller size mitigates the need for fielding larger and more expensive Pearce R8s or other similarly sized repair behemoths. Expect to see fleets supported by a squadron of R6s and expect to learn how to deal with them.

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