Star Atlas Announces Second Edition of Prestigious COPA Event

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Star Atlas to Host Second Edition of Prestigious COPA Event

Star Atlas has announced the initiation of its second Council of Peace Assembly (COPA). This notable event invites captains and fleets to participate in a display of strategy, community building, and vision within the Galia expanse. Participants have the chance to earn recognition and exceptional rewards. This year, COPA is expanding its criteria to assess the contributions of player organizations comprehensively. It aims to evaluate their strategic approaches, structures, and impact within the vast Galia realm.

COPA also offers individuals not yet affiliated with an organization to explore different philosophies, structures, and visions of Star Atlas player’s organizations. It serves as an ideal platform for those looking for a community that aligns with their aspirations in the expansive universe of Galia.

The registration phase will open on January 26th, with registrations accepted until February 20th on the Star Atlas Discord channel. The competition will take place on February 29th, with details announced on Star Atlas Discord. A distinguished panel will judge presentations based on multiple criteria, including Story and Structure, Building in the Bear, Future Plans, and Community Building Initiatives and Growth Strategy. Organizations are required to provide evidence supporting their claims during the presentations.

The winners of COPA will receive luxurious accommodations within the Galia Expanse. The first-place winner will win a Central Space Station Tier 3 Property of their DAC Faction, while the second and third place winners will win properties of their corresponding DAC Faction in Tier 2 and Tier 1.

The event offers benefits to all participants, including knowledge sharing from influential guilds, insights into effective guild management, community engagement opportunities, and the chance to win exciting prizes. Star Atlas invites all members of its community to witness the strategic expertise and creativity of player organizations and join in the celebration of collaboration and competition defining the Galia expanse.

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