Unveiling Star Atlas: The Future of Vehicle-Based Space Exploration

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Star Atlas Vehicle Art Director Explores Ship Customization and Manufacturing in Exclusive Interview

Dominic Vain, Senior Community Manager for Star Atlas recently interviewed Star Atlas‘ Vehicle Art Director, Gary Sanchez, in their video series, Navigating Star Atlas, revealing new insights about the development process of Star Atlas spacecraft designs and customization. The discussion revealed everything about vehicles, manufacturers, and more, shedding light on fascinating aspects of Star Atlas‘s futuristic gaming metaverse.

During the interview, Sanchez highlighted his design background, including his experience in graphics, automotive design, architecture projects, advertising, military and aeronautics, and films. He outlined how his varied career influences his work in creating immersive virtual spaceships for Star Atlas.

In defining his role at Star Atlas, Sanchez explained that he oversees the vehicle department and ensures that concepts translate seamlessly into 3D and Unreal Engine, aligning with the broader vision of the game design department. His responsibility extends to the creation of various ship designs, moving from 2D sketches or 3D quick blockouts to implementing gameplay convergence and finally overseeing 3D production to Unreal Engine.

Excitingly, Sanchez touched on the topic of ship customization. The ultimate goal of the Star Atlas team is to allow players maximum freedom, from crafting skins and graphics to configuring weapons. He hinted on a system being developed which would offer players an incredible level of freedom to tailor their ship interiors.

Working on Titan classes ships, the largest player-owned spaceships in the game, Sanchez admitted, is a daunting task due to their sheer size and the detailed interiors that need to be created. He described the necessary research and development conducted to make such ships efficiently, from large class to Commander class ships.

Discussing space vehicle brands, he revealed the creative challenge of ensuring each ship brand has its unique look and feel, influenced by considerations like high tech levels, aesthetic preferences, and specific technological attributes. Star Atlas has created a diverse range of manufacturers, each having its signature charm and aesthetic.

As the interview came to an end, Sanchez expressed gratitude for being part of the Star Atlas team, full of industry-experienced designers and developers. He acknowledged the efforts being made to create the best game possible to transport players into a captivating and detail-rich metaverse.

Star Atlas, harnessing Unreal Engine 5’s real-time graphics technology and Solana protocol’s blockchain technology, presents next-generation gaming with cinematic visuals and secure gameplays. Its use of non-fungible tokens establishes a concrete, real-world-like asset economy within its universe.

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