Star Atlas Poised to Sell Massive $5M Titan Ship

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On Saturday, astute Star Atlas observers noticed the massive Star Atlas Titan ship, the Pearce T1, was delisted from Star Atlas marketplace. A titan ship is one of the largest and most powerful ships in Star Atlas with a retail value of $5 million USD.

When questioned as to why the T1 had been delisted, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner had this to say,

“[I] Can’t comment yet, but it’s off market for a reason.”

While the final details of a potential deal may never be revealed, its likely that negotiations between Star Atlas and a potential buyer are ongoing. The T1 was likely delisted as the buy and Star Atlas negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale, including final sale price.

Another of the Titans is currently listed for approximately $1M USD.

Users quickly took to X to speculate who could potentially be behind this groundbreaking acquisition.

Among the top contenders is NeoTokyo, an elite group of NFT investors which Michael Wagner himself only recently joined. 

Others speculated that Star Atlas guilds such as Aephia or The Club, each who have considerable amounts invested, were a party to the deliberations.

Amongst these potential candidates, a clear and likely possibility stands out. That is of course, Rome Guild.

Rome Guild Potentially Secret Buyer of $5M Dollar Star Atlas Ship

While discussing with Michael Wagner the possibilities of an over-the-counter deal for the T1, several members from Rome hinted that they knew, at least in part, about a potential future deal. In following upon the lead, HNN reached out to leaders of Rome guild who provided the following statement –

“[We] can’t comment on things right now. Everything will be revealed in the next few weeks”.

Rome guild is the largest Oni faction guild in Star Atlas and arguable one of the most powerful in terms of ship assets and political power, having secured second place in the 2024 Star Atlas Council of Peace Assembly. Rome is also the largest productive guild in Star Atlas, having mined more resources than any other guild.

Aside from their in-game strength, Rome recently solidified a partnership with Yield Guild Games. YGG recently named Rome guild as their preferred guild partner and choice for Star Atlas. During the initial sale of Star Atlas assets, YGG committed $1M USD during the period.

Rome guild also recently merged with Solien DAO within Star Atlas. According to the Solien DAO’s X account, Soliens boast an account treasury close to $1M dollars themselves.

Combined, the financial power of YGG, Rome, and Solien DAO make the group a strong contender for the acquisition of the T1.

T1 Acquisition To Shift Star Atlas Political Landscape

Should Rome guild be the true acquirer of the T1, the implications on the Star Atlas landscape would be significant. Supported by Rome’s many legions of ships, the T1 under Rome’s banner would have considerable combat influence and economic gravity. Not that Rome needs further highlight, but the T1 within the Roman armada would certainly solidify Rome as the dominant power within Star Atlas.

In addition to boosting Rome’s prominence, the Oni faction would also benefit substantially. As a leader of the Oni Consortium, Rome and Oni would have a considerable advantage over the MUD and Ustur factions. What remains to be seen is whether Rome seeks to establish a stable galactic order with they themselves a guiding hand, or if the Romans shall seek to establish the first galactic empire as their forebears did long ago.


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