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Editor’s Note: This article refers to the legacy Starpath program

Hop into any significant Massively Multiplayer Online Game and you are sure to find a new player referral program. These programs are designed to reward current players who recruit new players to the game. Recruited players are rewarded with in-game currency, rare items, or special perks that enhance their gameplay. Unsurprisingly, Star Atlas launched its own referral reward program dubbed StarPath.

How does it work?

First, would be recruiters must sign up with the StarPath program to receive their unique referral link. Like any referral program, the wider your referral link is shared, the more likely you are to receive new sign ups. Unlike other programs, the Star Atlas referral rewards program has no limit to the number of new players you can claim. For successfully recruiting a new player and meeting the purchase requirements, the recruiter is rewarded in prosperity marks.

What counts towards Prosperity Marks?

After successfully recruiting someone using your unique referral link, they must then purchase a ship from Star Atlas and stake those ships in SCORE for 7 days for the recruiter to receive prosperity marks. The key part here is the a new player must purchase a ship from Star Atlas, secondary player sales will not count towards rewards. So what does that mean?

In the new Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace, the seller of a ship is now listed. Ships sold by Star Atlas themselves will have a cyan “Star Atlas” tag in the sell line.

Again, once a new player purchases a ship from Star Atlas and stakes that ship in SCORE for seven days, the referrer will receive prosperity marks equal to their explorer tier and dollar amount spent by the new player.

StarPath Tiers

For continued success in the Star Atlas Referral Reward Program, players will advance through tiers in a given year. An earned Tier will reset at the end of a calendar year. For the first year, 2022 and 2023 will be combined, thus the first reset will not occur until December 31st, 2023.

We’ve done the math, in order for a single recruiter to reach the Founder Tier, they must accumulate $100,000 in qualified referred transaction during a single year period. That’s quite the sum of money, but if you manage to snag someone who buys a Commander sized ship, that will instantly boost you into the top tier.

What are the rewards?

For earning Prosperity Marks, recruiters will be able to exchange them for a limited supply of Star Atlas ships. Initial available information indicates that ships will be rewarded in a non-linear exchange rate dependent upon redeemed ship size. For example, a XX-Small ship may cost 100 prosperity marks, 1,000 for a X-Small ship, 3,500 for a Small, and so on.

Prosperity marks never expire, even at the end of a calendar year period. Rewards are only limited by the available pool of ships that Star Atlas offers. It also does not look like Prosperity Marks are transferable, so be sure to use the same account for all your referral activities.

Faction Rewards

In addition to earning individual rewards, players will earn credit towards their faction. The faction with the most prosperity marks earned in each quarter will receive a Star Base defense boost, critical for maintain a grip on the galaxy.

If you have more questions about StarPath, you can access the Star Atlas Knowledge Data Base here.

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