Star Atlassian Launches 3D Printed Star Atlas Ships For Sale

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Wed Mar 19th — During the 56th Star Atlas brew, a community member by the name of Enigma 42 unveiled the official launch of a new product line of 3D printed Star Atlas ships for purchase.

A product description for the VZUS Ambwe shup reads:

This 3D print is inspired by Star Atlas. Star Atlas is a trademark or registered trademark of ATMTA, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. This 3D print is manufactured and supplied by Enigma-42 in Australia. This is a physical 3D print in Resin.
Item is ‘as printed’ and NOT sanded or painted.
Supports have been removed however minor marks may remain.

Dimensions: 110mm long x 101mm wide x 55mm high

The VZUS ambwe is a popular Bounty Hunting Ship in the game of Star Atlas.

The VZUS ambwe model can be bought for $30 at Star Atlassian, the website run by Enigma 42. Enigma 42 also offers 4other physical models including the FIMBUL Packlite, the Fimbul Mamba, Pearce X4, and Tufa Feist.

Star Atlassian also offers STL files that include the above 5 ships plus the Calico Compakt Hero and the Rainbow Om for $10 each.

Products First of Many Under Star Atlas IP Program

The launch of the 3D Star Atlas ship models marks the first official community run project under the new Star Atlas IP program.

In February, ATMTA announced that it would open up licensing of its Star Atlas IP to the community. While official details regarding the terms of the Star Atlas IP program have not been released, it was previously disclosed that community projects could leverage Star Atlas IP for up to $1 Million in sales before a full licensing agreement would be required.

The launch of Enigma 42’s product line opens the doors for other community started projects featuring the Star Atlas brand.

Other projects that could potentially leverage Star Atlas IP rights include Aephia’s upcoming Project Cataclysm Battle Card Game.

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