Star Atlas Teases Next Ship Release with Giveaway

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On Sunday, April 17 a mysterious star ship was spotted in an encoded transmission from Star Atlas. While no direct clues were given as to the nature of the ship, eagle eyed tail watchers have already pieced together the likely identity of the mystery vessel.

In case you missed it:

To start, Star Atlas is offering a “vessel” to the three closest responses to what the ship could be. Respondents must correctly guess the size, class, and manufacturer of the ship. Many Star Atlas sleuths have already deduced the nature of the ship and have posted some serious detective work already.

Additionally, while watching the ten-second intelligence footage, listeners can clearly hear a series of beeps in the background. People have already deduced that this audio clip is morse code. When the morse code transmission is decrypted, the message reads C-A-L-I-C-O-A-T-S-E-N-F-O-R-C-E-R or Calico ATS Enforcer.

Credit to Matteo for the Morse code translation
User The XRP/WTK was able to recreate a near perfect rendition of the mystery ship using the ten-second clip.

The Calico ATS Enforcer is a ship that has not been previously released. To find more information on this ship, we turned to the GAO Phase 2 brochure. In it, the Calico ATS Enforcer is listed as a Medium Size Fighter in the price range of $1500-$9000 USDC.

Currently, the only other comparable ship that has been released is the Pearce F4. The F4 measures 45 meters in length, 30 meters in width, and 19 meters in height. As a similarly spec’d ship, we can expect the Calico ATS Enforcer to measure in similar dimensions.

The origination price of the Pearce F4 is $2,5000 USDC with a volume-weighted average price, or VWAP, of $2,840 USDC. We should expect the launch pricing of the Enforcer to be in a similar range as the F4.

Star Atlas has yet to confirm the identity of the mystery ship and it is unknown on when they plan to do so. Likely, the ship’s identity along with the contestant winners will be revealed at the next Atlas Brew scheduled for Wednesday, April 20. While Star Atlas has yet to announce a ship release for this week, a Friday release would be two weeks from the last release of the Opal Bitboat and Calico Medtech. The Star Atlas team has been releasing new ships on a schedule of about every two weeks for this quarter.

What do you think this ship is? Leave a comment below or head over to Star Atlas twitter to submit your answer and have a chance at winning a mystery ship.

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