Star Atlas Busan Maiden Heart Underdelivers on Launch

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The Busan Maiden Heart is set to commission on Thursday May 19, available in the Star Atlas galactic marketplace. This occasion marks the first Capital sized ship for Busan manufacturing. Busan’s Maiden Heart is the third of four Capital Fighters that will be available by the end of the year. The Busan Maiden Heart joins the Pearce C9 and the VZUS ballad in the Capital Fighter class. Yet to be released is the Ogrika Marann which will complete the forecasted Capital Fighter lineup.

Busan Maiden Heart — More Science Data Runner Than Fighter

As proprietary technology of Busan manufacturing, the Capital Maiden Heart is designed with stealth in mind. While this may appeal to a select class of buyer, as a Capital Fighter, the Busan Maiden Heart leaves much to be desired. Overall, when compared to the C9 and ballad, the Busan Maiden Heart delivers less combat performance and utility in general.

The C9 and ballad are crewed by 24 individuals each. However, the Maiden Heart is operated by a crew of 20, four less than its counterparts. Noticeably missing is a drone operator crewman, despite the Maiden Heart coming standard with a drone port module. Instead of 8 Turret Gunners like the C9 and ballad, the Maiden Heart only has 6 gunners with two less weapon Commander size hardpoints to match its undersized crew.

In place of the missing gunners, the Maiden Heart requires an extra Engineer and Scanner. As stealthy as Busan is, the role of these extra support crew clearly place the Maiden Heart into more of a support role than a direct frontline fighter. Engineers and Scanners likely give the Maiden Heart advantages in detection, avoidance, and systems maintenance.

Missing Modules?

Both the C9 and ballad are identical in their module layout. Each come with a drone port, hangar, and medbay. This configuration of modules makes sense for a Capital Fighter. The Maiden Heart, however, is issued with a drone port (but no operator), a fuel slot, and a brig. While the lack of a drone operator wouldn’t prohibit the Maiden Heart from utilizing included drones, it likely would be less effective. Extra fuel gives the Maiden Heart longer deployed times, again, making the ship more of an exploratory or reconnaissance vessel. A key feature that is missing from the Maiden Heart is a Hangar module, despite Busan brochures showing this configuration.

Interestingly, the Maiden Heart comes with a Large Brig, usually reserved for Bounty Hunting Ships. Modules aboard the Busan Maiden Heart will eventually be reconfigurable, but its standard module package seem like an afterthought from the Oni manufacturer.

Interested buyers can purchase a Busan Maiden Heart for $29,300 USDC on Thursday May 19 from the galactic marketplace.

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