VZUS Manufacturers Launch Their First Capital Ship

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On Thursday, 24 March USTUR company VZUS launched the first in their Capital line of ships, the ballad. The maiden voyage of the ballad brings the total number of Capital ships to 5 and is the second of the main faction manufacturers to produce a Capital vessel.

The ballad is VZUS’s answer to industrial competitor Pearce’s C9.

Crewed by 24 personnel, the ballad rivals the C9 in size and firepower.

While Capital ships are typically installed with internal hangar modules, the ballad brings a unique design to the field. An open deck to the aft of the ship enables the rapid launch and recovery of ferried ships. To this point, the ballad may carry an advantage over the C9 with its tactically placed launch deck.

The ballad also maintains its own offensive and defensive weaponry. Pound for pound, the ballad’s weapon hardpoints match that of the C9. While Pearce may be the official manufacturer for Council of Peace security fleets, the ballad may give some fleet admirals a reason to reconsider.

For anyone looking to acquire the VZUS ballad, the Capital ship is currently listed for $30,000 USDC. In ATLAS pricing, current manufacture pricing stands at 1,055,223 ATLAS. Interested parties can find one here.

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