Skull & Bones Spy Double-Cross Reveals Extensive Recon Operation

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Spy Dismissal Leads to Operational Tell-All

High Risk Zone, Galia Sector — In a series of wild and dramatic events, the first double cross in Star Atlas history revealed an extensive reconnaissance operation by MUD pirate guild Skull & Bones targeting several prominent guilds and leaders.

The story begins with Gabss, a former member and spy of Skull & Bones [S&B]. During his normal reconnaissance activities, Gabss revealed the public wallet addresses of S&B members to Ghaz Outro, a member of Guardians of the Galaxy [GotG]. According to Gabss, he believed that there was no harm in the sharing of public addresses.

Suspicious of the activity, Outro alerted fellow GotG member Signal, who in turn notified Saint-Just, a 1st Mate of S&B, stressing that GotG did not solicit Gabss information (GotG is a declared enemy of S&B). Eventually, the news of wallet disclosures reached the ears of S&B leaders.

Strongly disagreeing with Gabss intent and actions, S&B leaders took swift and decisive action. Gabss was disavowed from S&B’s ranks and promptly kicked out.

Events took an even more dramatic turn as the dismissal made its way into the Star Atlas server. After a series of verbal altercations in the public general channel, deciding to divulge the extent of his operations, Gabss revealed that he had been assigned to collect wallet addresses of several prominent guilds and their leaders.

June 4th, 2023 Conversations between Saint-Just and Gabss

June 4th, 2023 Conversation between Saint-Just and Gabss

A Dare and A Double Cross

During the Hologram’s conversation with Gabss, it was evident that they have been operating in a reconnaissance role prior to being tasked by S&B. At some point after joining S&B, Gabss began limited operations with Saint-Just. After reviewing extensive text conversations between Saint-Just and Gabss, it was clear that several guilds including ROME, NFT Italia, Quimera, Aephia, BULK, Dark Matter, and The Unseen were targets of the intelligence operation.

From the text conversations, its appears that both Saint-Just and Gabss would discuss whom would be a potential intelligence focus from time to time.

S&B officially denies sanctioning Gabss’ clandestine activities, however, acknowledged that they did not halt or prevent Gabss’ collection efforts. It’s at least clear that S&B leaders were aware of the ongoing activities. S&B declined to comment any further for this article.

By June 18th, after two weeks of continued operations, Gabss eventually caught the attention of the S&B Founder, 13omb3r.

However, that positive attention would be short lived as less than 48 hours later, Gabss would become the latest persona non grata amongst the S&B pirates. After a bitter falling out with his former guild mates, Gabss ultimately recounted his operational stint in a phone call with the Hologram.

HNN was able to verify the series of events through a video call with Gabss. Events were further corroborated by other Star Atlas community members along with text evidence of the clandestine activities.

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