Skull & Bones DAO Gets Underway with Anniversary NFTs

By Published On: 15 December 2022

Skull & Bones, the first pirate guild in Star Atlas, got a fresh set of sea legs recently with the release of its one year anniversary collection for loyal crew members.

Using AI generated art, S&B founder 13omb3r created 90 1/1 NFTs that were airdropped to loyal S&B members. Below are just some of the NFTs that were rewarded to loyal crew members. You can view the full collection here.

What make a loyal crew?

Since these NFTs aren’t meant to be sold, a holder of a Skull & Bones Forgotten Pirate is likely the real deal. Skull & Bones crew members who contributed to “The Cut” between September 11th 2021 through 2022 received one of these limited edition NFTs. The Cut is 3.5% fee from Skull & Bones crew members that earn ATLAS tokens in Star Atlas.

As a member of Skull & Bones, loyal crew members can earn Dacbloons by completing specific guild tasks for S&B. These Dacbloons can eventually be exchanged for value in the S&B ATLAS treasury. However, these tokens are only given to loyal crew members who work towards the goals of S&B, so good luck getting you hands on one if you’re not a true Skull & Bones pirate.

Additionally, the Skull & Bone’s DAO is participated in by holding Daobloons, Skull & Bones native DAO token. Daobloons function as an intermediary with Skull & Bones’ POLIS treasury and can be exchanged for returned POLIS plus interest at a later date.

Learn more about Skull & Bones in their “Black Paper”.

S&B Forgotten Pirate #36

Honor Amongst Pirates

True to their Pirate Code, Skull & Bones operates as a decentralized organization. To implement their dual token structure, Skull & Bones relies upon several forms of multi-signature wallets to execute treasury and voting functions.

While the available Web 3.0 tools are currently limited, Skull & Bones is poised to take advantage of upcoming Star Atlas DAC tools and make the transition when they become available.

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