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Dear Readers,

It’s been quite a journey over these past two years and we’re extremely thankful that you’re still with us.

Through the ups and downs over the last crypto cycle, you’ve stuck by our side and supported us in our endeavors, and for that we’re thankful.

Looking ahead towards the future, we’ve implemented quite a few directional changes both internally and externally to better position HNN for the future. If there’s anything to takeaway, is that HNN remains committed to delivering the latest Web3 gaming news to you!

New Features in 2024

New Website

We’ll start with what is perhaps our biggest change so far — revitalization of the HNN website. Thanks to the success of the recent Crypto Bull market, we’ve made reinvestments towards HNN which include a revamped website.

All of our Star Atlas content can now be found at

Our medium will remain open and primarily focus on other Web3 gaming spaces like Valannia and Web3 economics. Eventually, the new website will have branch pages to cover each game individually as resources and time allows.

Committed Leadership and Vision

Last year, I mad a deliberate decision to step away from HNN for a bit as I took over leadership of a Star Atlas guild, DEEP Profits. I took this step for many reasons that were covered at the time. However, my messaging may have been lost as many readers believed HNN was closing its doors.

Recently, I handed over leadership of Deep Profits to other committed individuals – as my figurehead role was only ever temporary in nature. Going forward, I return to my position as Chief Editor of HNN and one my main focuses is the continued growth of HNN.

New Partnerships

The growth and continued support of HNN has enabled an extension of the Hologram Network Effect. Behind the scenes, discussions and collaboration of all sorts have been taking place. You may have seen recently a combined video with Beyond the Horizon and I look forward to continuing this partnership in content creation.

As we make way to focusing on other content creators and to build a greater collaborative network, you will see less direct videos from myself. Instead, the work of other video creators will be more prominently featured.

I’d also like to thank Beth, who has devoted time and effort to conducting many of HNN’s live streams and broadcasts. Beth also conducts a TL;DR segment which we will also prominently feature.

There are also several other collaborative partnerships that are not ready to be announced, but boast significant influence and support to HNN.

HNN DAC in Star Atlas

Some may have noticed the official establishment of HNN as a DAC in Star Atlas when Star Atlas launched their DAC platform. For a long time, we’ve argued the notion that the DAC nomenclature within Star Atlas is not exclusive to Guild’s with game oriented objectives and goals such as land and territorial conquest.

As a DAC, HNN seeks to connect and grow a network of dedicated and enthusiastic reporters, creators, and developers intent on delivering and building an engaging community filled with informed experts and players. Our goal is to remain a trusted source of Star Atlas news — as combat and faction infighting looms on the horizon, HNN remains committed to the truth for all people of Galia.


If you’re a creator out there that would like to collaborate or get featured, please reach out to us. We’d love to help you on your journey.

On a personal note, you may see my personal activity wane for the middle of 2024. Real life priorities and commitments will limit the amount of time I can dedicate to the wonderful world of Star Atlas. Nevertheless, every moment that I can spare will be granted towards to the furthering of our collective goals and vision.

Thank you again for remaining dedicated to HNN, your extensive support is truly humbling. We look forward to the possibilities that the remainder of the year brings.

Thanks Again,

Chief Editor, Founder, HNN

About the Author: Krigs

An ardent supporter of emerging technologies, Krigs has been covering blockchain games for over two years and believes passionately in their power to revolutionize our collective gaming experience.

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