Atlas Brew Society — The Real Life Meetings of the Star Atlas Community

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On March 25th, the first in real life meeting of the Atlas Brew Society took place in Paris, France at the Bar “Le 38 M” between members of the Star Atlas team and members of the community.

This article is a translation of the original article written in French by author Ju.

It all started when Santi (Star Atlas Community Director), decided to come and spend a week in Paris, to visit the capital and spend time with Darwiin (Star Atlas Community Support). Together, they had the idea to take the opportunity to organize, at first informally, a meeting with members of the French-speaking community of Star Atlas.

When Darwiin reached out to the French-speaking community to know if anyone knew of a place in Paris to organize the meeting, PACTwo, one of the particularly active members of Gargantua Industries, immediately proposed “Le 38 M”, a place he knew well. He also proposed to take care of the coordination with the owners of the bar. With the place having been chosen, only a date remained to be selected with March 25th ultimately being selected.

Santi (1st on the left in the last row) and Darwiin (2nd on the left in the first row), in the company of members of the Star Atlas French-speaking community, in front of the bar “Le 38 M”.

After internal discussions on the Star Atlas side, the team decided to make this event the first of a series of IRL meetings and to name these events the Atlas Brew Society. Other events will take place in the future, in different cities around the world, according to the availability and the travels of the Star Atlas team and the community members.

On the evening of March 25th, about twenty-five members of the community, mostly members of the Gargantua Industries guild, but also of Eclypse, had answered the call of Santi and Darwiin.

The only snag was the absence of Gary Sanchez (Artistic Director and Concept Designer), who unfortunately could not make the trip because of the disruptions caused by the demonstrations that are currently taking place throughout France.

Our dear Atlassians were able to taste delicious cocktails, with names inspired by the Lore of Star Atlas, such as the Iris Kiss, The Punaab Whisper or the Ustur Mule, while getting acquainted with each other. It was also an opportunity for Darwiin and Santi to put faces to the nicknames they are used to seeing on the official Star Atlas Discord.

The event went on until late in the night, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and, according to the people present that night, it was a real success. Everyone left delighted, some of them, like Santi and Darwiin, with T-Shirts offered by Gargantua Industries.

The Star Atlas team had also planned goodies for the members of the community, unfortunately the French customs decided otherwise by blocking the parcel and sending it back to the sender. The team promised to send them later to the people present that night, as well as to the people present at a previous event organized by Morpheus.

This article was originally written in French by Ju for Gargantua Industries and the Star Atlas community. This article was translated by Krigs of the Hologram with permission by the original author.

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