The History of Star Atlas

By Published On: 25 January 2024

This is an overview of the history of Star Atlas. Star Atlas is set in a shared galaxy titled Galia in which most events in the lore take place. For the history of Star Atlas as a project, see ATMTA, history.

The story of Star Atlas is the shared tale of how different civilizations rose to the stars and braved the marvelous unknown in star systems across the cosmos. It’s a story of valorous achievements and nefarious crimes, some of which are recorded in the halls of museums across the galaxy, and some that are buried under the ashes of forgotten worlds.

What we are talking about today belongs to the realm of the canon or the known story. Nevertheless, since we are nearing the time of perhaps another milestone of our galactic tale, it’s important that we shine a light on what is currently hidden but may resurface when the time is due.

Although the galaxy is teaming with life forms and intelligent organizations, the Star Atlas lore is mainly focused on the story of three prominent factions: the Manus Ultima Divina (MUD), the holy representation of Mankind’s future, The ONI Consortium, a conglomerate of different alien races, and the Ustur, a civilization of sentient androids.

The known lore starts with these three factions discovering planet Iris and eventually waging a massive galactic-scale war for control of it. It begs the question: what is so special about this planet that it drives three star-borne civilizations to the brink of extinction?

The answer lies in the very nature of Iris, and this is where we should do our first dive to understand the fascination about the planet at the center of the galaxy and the unique zone around it, called The Cataclysm.


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