Star Atlas CORE Book One Recap *Spoilers*

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At the beginning of Star Atlas: CORE Book One, we’re introduced to our trio of explorers who have arrived on an unknown planet designated NC7-S03–425 in the New Centauri System. We assume that they’re in the High Risk Zone of Star Atlas based on the fact that this is supposedly an unexplored planet that they’ve landed on.

We meet our main character Gyun who is accompanied by the Ustur, Osia, and the Mierese Moda.

In the next panel we quickly learn that Gyun and Osia have a romantic relationship.

The pair talk about settling down and having offspring…which leads us to wonder, “How does a human and a Ustur reproduce?”

In the background we see a wide open rocky terrain, dotted with what appear to be red mineral deposits, something the trio is looking for.

The group quickly reaches their destination, the highest concentration of resources that they are looking for. The group quickly moves to secure their claim with the help of a staking drone, when something unexpected happens.

It becomes immediately clear that the groups attempt to stake their claim has disturbed something deep within the resource deposit.

A massive swirling mass or red rock erupts and begins attacking our explorers.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t read Book One yet, we highly recommend you do!

As our explorers rush back to their ship, they are violently assaulted by the unknown creature. As a result, Osia is severely injured and ends up dying on the floor of their ship as Gyun watches on. What began as an optimistic story of freedom, exploration, love ends in tragedy.

As Osia passes away, we get a glimpse of Ustur culture, when she passes her data cube to Gyun to take to “The Summit of the Elders”. We’re not sure what a data cube is, but perhaps its like a consciousness or soul. The Summit of the Elders could possibly be a gateway or data mainframe representing the passage to the afterlife. If you’ve watched the HBO Series Westworld through Season 4, you know what we’re talking about.

In the last panel, Moda hastily pilots the heavily damaged ship away from the planet. In search of a port for repairs, the only one available is Mondra 7. Moda does not seem thrilled about that prospect. Deep within unclaimed territory, Mondra 7 is likely either a pirate outpost or heavily fortified Council of Peace base. Either way, the situation does not bode well for our explorers.

What are your thoughts on some of the mysteries in the first book of Star Atlas: CORE? Leave us a comment below on what you think is in store for our explorers.

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