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Manus Ultima Divina (MUD)

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Manus Ultima Divina, The Last Divine Hand, is a spacefaring faction of humans originating from their home planet of Earth. After uniting under a common cause inspired by a Photoli scout named Ahr, humans harnessed Earth’s resources to set off for the stars.

Under the contemporary leadership of Charon Gotti Jr., MUD Territory is established as the only legitimate human faction in the Council of Peace. Despite the dramatic losses in the Convergence War decades prior, MUD emerged as an industrial powerhouse in the region by securing diplomatic relations through fair trade with ONI and Ustur.

MUD controlled space provides proximity to raw materials that serve a core purpose in the component manufacturing process for distant astronautical travel and ballistics technology.

Humans of the MUD faction, on average, live longer than their Earthly ancestors. MUD humans can be commonly found wearing cybernetic enhancements or modifications. The MUD central space station is a fragment of their home world after Earth was destroyed in the space race the resulted from Ahr’s arrival. Dubbed Exodus, the new MUD home world serves as their focal point of operations within the Galia Expanse.


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